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Lidia Popiel wonders what Alexandra Linda wants to conquer the world with now… Wait? (video)

Lidia Popiel wonders what Alexandra Linda wants to conquer the world with now... Wait?  (video)

girl Boguslaw Linda and Lidia Popiel From the beginning of her career, she could count on the support of her parents. Besides them, she’s been on the walls, and recently appeared in a movie, of course, alongside her father. finally Alexandra Lind She leaned towards modeling, realizing herself in photo sessions and fashion shows. However, the artistic spirit of the 30-year-old does not allow her to rest on her laurels. In an interview with Pudelek, Lidia Popiel told about her daughter’s latest plans.

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The photographer admitted that her daughter has many talents and many interests. Recently, I began to make serious plans towards … fashion design. Lydia Popeil revealed that Alexander Works on Lingerie set for the first time. This is not the end: Bogusław Linda’s many years of artistic production should still spur her passion for acting.

Alexandra has many hobbies, loves acting and has plans related to it. (…) I suppose she has the heart of an artist and loves to draw. She wants to put together her lingerie collection now, she loves to write. He has very broad interests. (…) It looks as if from the moon.

Curious about how Alexandra Linda’s career has evolved? Hear what Lydia Popeil has to say, too.

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takes care of everything…

He is handsome and she is beautiful and your daughter?

What should I do here so that I don’t get hurt?

Well, I won’t sleep now. Thanks dog for posting such pics tonight….

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She’s pretty, like Carrie Otis, just needs to tone down and style.

Go ahead, Ola can play in horror movies!

And let him go back to the moon, brick career there

Very ugly girl. Just.

That is, he will not be a physicist, chemist or doctor, which is a pity.

There is a frequent case, such as a well-known parent who is successful in some field, wanting and having ambitions to drag their child into his world, where he often ends up failing.

Wojtek’s wife Marina is pretty, girls don’t like her because they’ll never be as rich. She has clothes from original stores, and she doesn’t care if the shoes are £1,000 or €500, she just wants them. .

I think there is only her pornhub left

In fact, every single one of them is exaggerated

Oh, near the moon, that’s for sure!

Visually unappealing with large backs from parents.

He unnecessarily chooses such aggressive tactics. Looks much better in bright colours. Why this thick hair? Now the fashion for naturalness.

Beautiful mother, handsome father. what happened?

She tried modeling, but it didn’t work out… She’s back with her tail between her legs and now she’s the muse of her parents 😛

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