September 21, 2021

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Lidl like a ladybug.  Shops will be open on Sundays

Lidl like a ladybug. Shops will be open on Sundays

According to Business Insider Polska, Lidl You don’t want to lose customers who have the option of more and more stores open on Sunday and getting ready to open on the second day of the weekend. The final decision in this matter will be made soon.

According to the findings of BI, the German chain is currently investigating the employees of individual stores about the possibility of their opening on non-commercial Sundays. It is possible to open only some outlets, in particular those operating near other stores open on the second day of the weekend, especially Biedronki, because this chain is Lidl’s main competitor.

– It is impossible to realistically explain to the customer that the competitor’s store is open on Sunday and that our store is not open. (…]We are losing business this way, it can no longer work this way – a source related to Lidl told the portal.

ladybug like post office

A few weeks ago, the Biedronka chain of stores, thanks to an agreement with Poczta Polska, opened dozens of stores on Sundays. Pedronka is testing a new service As part of the cooperation with PP, thanks to which the supermarkets of this chain can bypass the trade ban on Sunday.

On July 29, he went to the House of Representatives Draft amendment to the law restricting trade on Sundays, which assumes that the store will be able to operate on non-commercial Sundays as a post office, provided that this type of activity is controlled. The new law is also set to contain a more precise definition of prevalent commercial activity. The project is overseen by Representative Janusz Schnyadk from the Law and Justice Party.

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Parliament adopted the Sunday Trade Restriction Act in 2018. This year, there are only seven trading days, three of which remain: August 29, December 12 and December 19.

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