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Lidl recruits people from Ukraine. Offers Learn Polish – Biznes Wprost

Lidl recruits people from Ukraine.  Offers Learn Polish - Biznes Wprost

Lidl Polska reported that it plans to create 1,500 new jobs this year in stores, warehouses and headquarters. Job offers will also be directed to people from other countries. The network does not hide that it is mainly about Ukrainian citizens who flocked to Poland after the recent events in this country.

In order to reach the largest possible group of Ukrainians, Lidl Polska plans to publish selected job offers also in Ukrainian.

Lidl emphasizes that all candidates – regardless of nationality – will receive an attractive salary, above average wages in the trade, as well as a wide range of non-wage benefits. For employees from Ukraine, among other things, the possibility of learning the Polish language.

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What is the job and what is the salary?

What positions can people from Ukraine count on? Lidl reveals that the Ukrainian-language advertisements will apply to jobs such as store clerk and warehouse worker, but also specialist jobs at company headquarters. The salaries for these positions are as follows: store employees earn from a total of PLN 3750 to PLN 4600 total in the beginning. After one year of work, the employer guarantees an increase in salary to the level – from a total of 3,850 PLN to a total of 4,800 PLN, and after two years of work experience from a total of 4,100 PLN to a total of 5,050 PLN.

In the case of warehouse staff salaries, it ranges from a total of PLN 4,350 to a total of PLN 4,750 at the start of employment. After one year of work, it will rise to the level – from a total of 4,550 PLN to a total of 5,000 PLN. After two years of employment, the total amount will be from PLN 4,800 to PLN 5,250 total, and after three years of employment from PLN 5,100 to PLN 5,500 total.

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Lidl Polska currently employs about 25 thousand employees. People.

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