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Lidl treats the Poles like thieves. It can happen to anyone

Lidl treats the Poles like thieves.  It can happen to anyone

In accordance with this trend, Lidl has joined the ranks of stores offering self-checkouts, but the intrusive anti-theft mechanism frustrates customers.

Self-service checkouts are in theory a great idea in their simplicity, because you’re scanning the merchandise yourself, without involving the employees. However, Lidl decided to improve this system a bit, or more precisely, Believe In front of those who want to sneak outside without paying. However, as it happens in such cases, honest people imprisoned by a flawed siege is counterproductive.

The lock itself depends on the year Gate mechanismwhich will not open until the receipt is scanned. Nothing great, I admit. The problem is that – according to Dzenic Zakhodny – cases in which the reading system for some reason refuses to obey are common.

Simply, the device can not properly Determine the receipt and thus prevent the passage. Even worse, the problem is said to have worsened after the introduction of new environmental publications. As a result, in order to open the gate, the intervention of the security guard is necessary, and this situation clearly annoys customers. The more relatives began to throw vulgarity and take advantage of the service, the calmer those things were – they wagging their noses, but both of them wasting their time.

I have visited the store many times, and have never been able to open these gates. I was shopping for the first time in the evening, and no one from the service was around. I waited a few minutes for the lady who released me. I got so nervous because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong

– says Tomasz Ściekło, Lidl’s regular customer, citing DZ.

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Lidl spokeswoman in Poland, Alexandra Rupaskiewicz, confirmed that the company is aware of the confusion and is keeping in touch with the target supplier. Only, technically, it remains still unresolved. Meanwhile, self-service checkout is already available in two thirds of Lidl stores in Poland, and their total number exceeds 3000. Pieces.

Out of curiosity, let’s mention it Not everywhere Lidl’s security measures are as invasive as in Poland. In England, for example, the company is currently testing a slightly different solution; It consists of checking products through a mobile app called Lidl Go. In the Czech Republic, the self-service checkouts are very similar to those at the Vistula River, but they don’t have an annoying security gate.

Image source: Shutterstock (@Martin of Sweden)

Text source: Dziennik Zachodni, ed. King

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