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Lidl will open on Sunday? You watch Pedronka’s decisions. ‘We’re losing business on this’

Lidl will open on Sunday?  You watch Pedronka's decisions.  'We're losing business on this'

Represent Sunday trade restriction It was adopted in 2017. According to the regulations, there are few exceptions to the trade ban. One of them is to allow post offices to operate.

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Sunday’s trading ban has become an illusion. Solidarity is angry and the government is silent

Sunday trading ban. More and more postal contact points in Poland

Other retail chains have decided to take advantage of the possibility of bypassing the Sunday trading ban law by introducing it postal service. These market include Bolo, Stokrotka, Lewiatan or Ladybug. The latter has already opened more than 400 of its branches.

Although there was a German trading network until recently Lidl She argued that she did not intend to provide postal services, and it turned out that the situation could change. As I mentioned virtual PolandThat would happen if there were more Pedronici open on Sundays.

No trade. Is August 15th a Sunday for trading?

Lidl Currently studying the possibility of opening some jobs and starting postal activities in them. – It is impossible to realistically explain to the customer that the competitor’s store is open on Sunday and that our store is not open. Network representative said in an interview with business from the inside.

Lidl is concerned that if customers have a choice of more and more stores from other chains, they will decide their choice not only on Sundays, but also on other days. This will result in lower branch turnover.

Barometer job offersHas the job market lost a pandemic? “There are so many demands that companies lack hands to operate.”

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Ladybug opens on Sunday

as reported Robert Kudzirsky from, out of three thousand stores at its disposal Ladybug, on Sunday, 420 opened. But it is not known how long the possibility of working will remain under the exception of postal contact points under the current rules. brought “Solidarno” Sim Amendment of the law aimed at tightening regulations. Under the amendment, the postal activity that allows today’s stores to sell on Sundays must be the dominant activity. The House of Representatives may deal with the amendment as soon as possible during the session scheduled for September 15-16.

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