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Lilka left M like love, and now Monika Mielnicka has revealed how the main characters of the series treated everyone! The quarrels on the set and brutal attacks on people

Lilka left M like love, and now Monika Mielnicka has revealed how the main characters of the series treated everyone!  The quarrels on the set and brutal attacks on people

Author: MTL Maxfilm
Lilka left M like love, and now Monika Mielnicka has revealed how the main characters of the series treated everyone! The quarrels on the set and brutal attacks on people

Monika Mielnicka, or Lilka, left “M jak miłość” permanently, because the actress herself decided that she no longer wanted to play Mateusz’s wife (Krystian Domagała). why? The 21-year-old “M jak miłość” star has revealed that he does not intend to “sit” in a single production for half his life. To bid farewell to the series, Melnica spoke about the shocking backstage of working on the set “M jak miłość” with a famous actress. The name and surname are not mentioned, but Melnica calls her the “Dean of the series” who does not hide from everyone that “M jak miłość” ruined her life. This star is causing fights behind the scenes and attacking innocent people! Learn the details.

Monica Melnica reveals behind-the-scenes work on the set “M jak miłość”! One actress influences everyone

Lilka Mostowiak will not be returning to “M jak miłość” in the new season. Screenwriters send Mateusz’s traitorous wife Mstack with a fabulously wealthy elderly lover abroad, on a trip around Europe, because Monica Melnica renounced the role after more than two years. Lilka last appeared in the 1592 episode “M jak miłość” just before the end of the season.. Currently, the 21-year-old actress is a psychology student who plans to conquer the world and fulfill her big dream of leaving Poland. She even gave an interview that showed that she will implement these plans in the near future.

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After leaving “M jak miłość”, Mielnicka wants to leave the country with her boyfriend Oskar, whose photos appear on Instagram. – Without my love, I wouldn’t go anywhere! I like to joke that I actually won an Oscar. Everything else depends only on me and luck! – I laughed in an interview with the portal ś Incidentally, the “M jak miłość” star admitted that although he’s focused on acting, he also has a contingency plan for life, to have something to support himself. That’s why she chose psychology.

– If you silence the phone with proposals for new roles, then the profession of psychologist will be the same, especially in today’s difficult times. I will not give up acting. The main role in the fantasy film is in front of me, there are also suggestions from the series – Mielnicka boasted.

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But in the first interview after leaving “M jak miłość”, Melnica also revealed the shocking backstage of working on the set with one of the most famous actresses, whom she calls “the dean of the series”, because she was involved in that production. for years. It was just by looking at her that the 21-year-old star understood that she didn’t want to be a lilac with “M jak miłość” until the end of her life and allowed a situation where a soap opera would ruin her career. He believes that there is nothing worse for the young actor. No money can change that.

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It’s a trap and there is no chance for it to evolve. The money made in the show is not worth the sacrifice. One of the dean of “M jak miłość” – do not ask me for personal details, because I will not give you anyway – publicly did not hide the opinion that this series ruined her career. When she appeared on the set, she acted as if she was coming there as a punishment – Lilac series revealed from “M jak miłość”.

Mielnicka spoke with words that shed new light on what’s happening behind the scenes of “M jak miłość” and how the really big stars act when the camera goes out. – Usually do not know the text. Everyone knew very well when she was not ready to work, because then, from the moment she entered, she made a fuss that something was wrong. For example, she attacked the plan manager that she had nowhere to stop. As if he was a servant – She added.

Who is this dean of “M jak miłość” who treats people this badly? Of course Melnika did not want to give the name of this actress, but she is undoubtedly one of the most famous stars who have been playing in the series almost since the beginning.

After leaving “M jak miłość”, Mielnicka thanked everyone who helped her work on the set. Here are the specific names mentioned! – I was able to watch the works of the great actors closely and learn from them. Special thanks go to Teresa Lipovska, Dorota Chuteka, Thomas Sobchak and Jan Pronov. They are professionals in everything and in a class of their own – Lilac screen captured.

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