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Linking disability pensions and pensions. MEPs are working on the idea of ​​the left, that is, the second valuation in 2022.

Linking disability pensions and pensions.  MEPs are working on the idea of ​​the left, that is, the second valuation in 2022.

This will be the second appraisal

FACT also calculated the average of the second index in 2022. The magazine states that Seniors can count on an 11% increase in benefits. In theory, from September, because he took over the original project of the left, but it is already known if Conclusion If they were to start work on the draft, they would have to change the date the regulations went into effect.

This means it Already today, the lowest pension may reach 1.5 thousand. zloty (Currently it is a thousand. Total PLN 338 44 Note “fact”). More money will be available to retirees now, not just in March 2023, Dr. Anthony Kollek of the Retirement Institute explains in an interview with the daily.

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In the case of a pension, for example at the level of 2000 the total benefit of the PLN will increase by PLN 400.40 “per hand”. On the other hand, if a person receives 2.5 thousand total PLN, then after the second appraisal he will receive more than the net PLN 434.50.

Indexing in 2023

According to the government’s proposal, pensions will rise in 2023 at the index rate, which is currently forecast at 113.8%. However, the percentage and quota indicator will apply. This means that a minimum increase of PLN 250 will be guaranteed.

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