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Lisievich on Smolensk: Masrevich, US and UK trial of Putin, Shoiku and “Denadurov”

Lisievich on Smolensk: Masrevich, US and UK trial of Putin, Shoiku and "Denadurov"

Lisievich recalled the identity of lawyer Yuri Tsaika, who oversaw the investigation of the Smolensk case as a result of Dusk’s transfer of the investigation to Russia:

His aides cover dozens of cases involving murdered human rights defenders and journalists. The lawyer who overseeed the Smolensk investigation personally handled the cases of Sajka, Anna Politkovskaya and Litvinenko who drank poison.
– Minத்தில்a 20 said in the plan.

In his opinion, like Ukraine, Poland also reflects Western civilization in the case of the previously attacked Smolensk.

On the other hand, we have research based on the knowledge of Polish scientists, and one of the main sources was developed by the American National Aviation Research Institute. We have the cooperation of British scientists. So we have two alternatives: Antony Maserevich put forward today, this is the achievements of the Western world in this matter, the achievements of the Russian Federation.
– Lisievich said.

As he mentioned, The media trusting the KGB in this matter was in Poland and it cannot be justified.

The only argument that can arise now is the advertising personality – Anthony Maserevich, this terrible Maserevich. This argument seems weak and weak when reading an article in Die Welt about the fact that Poland did a great job in establishing the Territorial Defense Forces. So not the Americans, not the British, but even the German media writes about it. If we know that Anthony Maserevich is the artist of the military information services. How do we feel today, as the head of Polish services, a structure trained by at least several hundred people in Moscow?
– Lisiewicz Wonders.

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Source:, TVP information

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