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Listen to the podcast: Sport360: Polish volleyball players defeat the Olympic champions from the United States 3: 0. There is still a chance to advance to the quarter-finals

Listen to the podcast: Sport360: Polish volleyball players defeat the Olympic champions from the United States 3: 0.  There is still a chance to advance to the quarter-finals

Sports information Michał Waszkiewicz Good evening Hubert Hurkacz advances to the quarterfinals of the tennis tournament, stops in the second round, stays in the 7th com as the Kazakh defeats Alexander Publica 6464 Sarzało is always a tough fight the best, PB is very important, to keep your aim to look for opportunities I trained well, they Will get a break advantage and then it’s easy to serve them, Hurcox will play tomorrow

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The Pole will play Jan Zielinski in the doubles semi-finals with the two Greeks Stephanos Tsitsipas in law. The American defeated the Czech Karolina in 3 sets today. , the Polish champions receive Hapoel Beer Sheva in the third round after 17 minutes, in Bułgarska Street, it’s 0 to zero and the 5-person delegation of PZPN led by President Cezary Kulesza, team selector Czeslaw Micniewicz will participate in the Euro on Sunday. The elimination group draw in 2024 Frankfurt, the white and red are in first place, our team is still leading the twenty-sixth FIFA world ranking, Brazil is ahead of Belgium and Argentina in the World Cup. Dejan Stankovic is a Qatari Serbian former footballer. Inter Milan is right, Rome has become the coach of the Italian Serie A, who closes the table, and Sampdoria Genoa, whose player Bartos Perezski, has also got a new coach, Sevilla Argentinian Spike Samboli, who previously worked at this club. Recently led Olympique Marseille replaced Julen Lopetegui, after yesterday’s 1-4 defeat at home, with Borussia Dortmund in the Prime Minister’s Champions League under Khalif, thanks to all the people at the club and my players who gave me the most wonderful moments in Seville, to leave the team I love so much. Sorry, it’s a beautiful adventure. Instead of resting for a long time Spanish is in advanced conversational English Speaking Portal Donation Reports Wellbeing Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Manufacturer Sponsor House, Office WK SA Cash for House and Sports 360 Welcome back Michał Waszkiewicz 6 Michał, let’s talk about the success of Polish women in America In the match against Polish volleyball players, this victory is called a sensational one, because the American team fell from the first place to the fourth place, and the Polish women now have the opportunity to participate in this volleyball tournament in the second group. Phase, then tell me how there is a lot of joy, what are the possibilities, now in front of the Poles, well, great joy when I look back, I do not remember in recent years, even a dozen or more is a great victory for Polish women, so far our team is the best ability It was great when we met rivals with, because ours mostly ended with the defeat of the American Olympic champions, the leaders of the world volleyball rankings, so absolutely the best team in this tournament, the American woman came to fight for the gold medal, the Polish women did not play badly. No time will happen, because the Polish women will be kicked out of the competition, they will watch TV, and of course, whenever I do not believe in our teams, our athletes, perform miracles, and the company says that our victory is very lucky. It won’t win on purpose, so now I say that no Poland can execute the basic plan, now we are fourth in the group, which theoretically advances to the quarter-finals, which start on Tuesday in Gliwice, while the Polish women still need to take 2 more steps, theoretically, to win against the Americans. A task is easier than because they will meet similar teams tomorrow, they play with Canada on Saturday against Germany, win both matches, this is the only condition, defeat means that the Polish women can be promoted to this quarter-final, which we have already stopped thinking slowly, the matches will be tough, but If you win 3 to nil with the Americans, it is certain that this band has grown, such a myth is often told about the founders, let it be the founding myth of coach Stefano Lavarini. , let it be the beginning of a great team Polish women played like a great class team, they will play tomorrow and Saturday, we can quietly get quarter wins. Michael Waskiewicz We always need such victories in this discipline so nice to talk about 360 in the game, thank you very much, we already had the right to get behind the windows
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