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LN: Good start and bad end for Polish women in the match against the United States

Polskie siatkarki przegrały z reprezentacją Stanów Zjednoczonych 0:3 (27:29, 27:29, 14:25) w meczu 13. kolejki Ligi Narodów. To dziewiąta porażka drużyny Jacka Nawrockiego w turnieju. W sobotę Polki zmierzą się z Chinkami.

The Polish volleyball players lost 0-3 (27:29, 27:29, 14:25) to the United States in the 13th round of the League of Nations. This is Jacek Nowroki’s team’s ninth defeat in the tournament. On Saturday, the Polish women will play against the Chinese.

The Polish women played very well in the first two sets, but had no success to be fully happy with. In the first game, there were four set symbols in the white and red game, and in the second game they defended the four set symbols. However, decisive action was won by the Americans. In the third set, only at the beginning, Nowroki’s players fought back and the result was unilateral.

The first team to advance to the final were American volleyball players. They have won 12 games so far and lost only three sets. However, coach Kerch Crawley, who did not want to miss the last match of the main round, suggested a strong team against Poland.

The Polish women made a good start, they played bravely in the attack and avoided unnecessary mistakes. Their rivals threw the nets with a strong service and took the lead with a score of 4: 1. They had this advantage of many points almost to the end, the opponents reduced the distance, but again the white and red jumped to a safe difference.

While leading Poland 24:23, Magdalena Stasiac pushed the situational ball to the opponents’ side, but video verification caught a finger touching the Polish player’s net. Then white and red still had three hundred symbols. Micah Hancock, who sent two aces, decided the fate of the set.

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The course of the second volume was very similar, except that the leaders of the League of Nations were often at the forefront. The Polish women did not break with their unfortunate defeat in the first game and tried to pursue the named opponent.

Malvina Smarsek-Kodek lost to the Polish national team, but Julia Novika and Martina Cirniaska’s double conversion and entry gave the advantage. While leading the United States, Navroki asked for time and explained to his volleyball players that the set could be further modified.

After a skilled counter-attack it led to a reliable stasis equation (23:23) and the game for good resumed. The Americans had the icons for the next set, but only the fifth attempt turned out to be successful – Martina Suzuki did not break the barrier of rivals. The white and red forces and the will to fight were enough for two sets.

In the next one, American dominance is beyond controversy. Until the first technical break the Polish women could trust the reverse of the game (they lost 6: 8), but then the match turned out to be one-sided. Coach Navrock could do little, and confidence in the Polish team was fading in every subsequent action.

After 13 matches, the Polish women have only four wins and nine defeats in their account. They will face China on Saturday and against Russia on Sunday.

Poland – United States 0: 3 (27:29, 27:29, 14:25)

Poland: Katarsina Wenerska, Claudia Algierska, Jusanna Efimenko-Madkovska, Magdalena Sticiak, Martina Gosic, Malvina Smarsek-Kodek, Maria Stencel (Libero) – Monica Zagio (Libero)

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United States: Micah Hancock, Folog Aquinadeo, Tetori Dixon, Jordan Thompson, Michael Barts-Hawkley, Kimberly Hill, Justin Wong-Arendus (Libero).

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