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London Bridge operation. Procedures in the event of the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Wielka Brytania od wielu lat, pod względem procedur, jest przygotowana na śmierć królowej Elżbiety II. Szczegóły zawiera plan "Operacja London Bridge". Opublikował go, kilka lat temu, brytyjski dziennik "The Guardian".

Great Britain for many years, in terms of proceedings, prepared for the death of Queen Elizabeth II. For more details, see Operation London Bridge. It was published a few years ago by the British newspaper “The Guardian”.

Based on anonymous conversations with people about the Queen, the government and major British media, journalist Sam Knight has reconstructed how the nation will know about the Queen’s death, as well as what ceremonies like saying goodbye to Elizabeth II and welcoming will be like. She is on the throne, her son Prince Charles.

The first person to discover Elizabeth II’s death was her personal secretary, Sir Christopher Giddet, who would report to the Prime Minister.. To avoid causing a stir among the palace’s telephone exchange operators, he will use a cipher that has been adopted to report the king’s death: London Bridge abandoned.

Soon, this information will also be passed on to the governments of 15 countries where Elizabeth II is the head of state and 33 countries where she is the symbolic head of state. The first media editorial office to receive the announcement of the Queen’s death is the BBC, followed by news agencies. A special announcement will also be posted at the gates of Buckingham Palace in London.

According to current plans, The Queen’s funeral will take place on the ninth day after her death. earlier The new king will travel to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – As well as holding a series of protocol meetings, including with diplomats from all over the world.

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Depending on where the Queen dies, her body may be moved to the throne room at Buckingham Palace, among other things. By British Airways Flight 146 or by train along the East Coast. Foot The plans are so detailed that they also include, for example, the passage of a locomotive to clean the tracks after millions of subordinates threw flowers at it, wishing to bid farewell to their king.

Bells should ring all over the country, incl. Great Tom in St. Paul in London and the Sevastopol Bell at Windsor Castle, flags will be lowered half-masts. Both houses of Parliament must meet within hours of the Queen’s deathWho will commemorate in a joint session the memory of Elizabeth II. During the first day, Prince Charles will be officially proclaimed King of Great Britain.

according to plans That same evening, Charles will address the bereaved nation. Soon it will be determined as well The status of Prince Charles’ second wife, Camilla, who will officially become Queen.

According to the author of “The Guardian”, the first preparations for the death of Queen Elizabeth II began in the 1960s, and The last major updates were made in the early 2000s. Similar scenarios exist if other members of the royal family die.

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-serving queen in British history, having held the throne for more than 70 years. The previous record was for Queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years and 216 days.

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