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Lonestar Data Holdings announces databases on the moon

Lonestar Data Holdings announces databases on the moon

Lonestar Data Holdingss decided to stand out from the competition offering cloud storage and announced that in a few years time it would offer its customers the option to send important assets to lunar databases, where – despite the difficult conditions – you will be safer than those on the ground. And while it sounds like a science fiction idea, we’re getting closer to returning to the moon and staying there longer, and the company’s argument isn’t without meaning at all.

Scientists have long warned that while asteroids like the one that ended the existence of the dinosaurs are extremely rare, the possibility should always be considered. In particular, according to the latest analyzes, one kilometer in diameter and the striking land is enough to turn our planet into a very difficult place to live. There are also scenarios that are much more likely to cause massive destruction, as evidenced by the war in Ukraine, for example. In short, A copy of important data for humanity stashed in a safe place It seems a very reasonable idea.

Is the moon a good place for that? One of the best, because the distance of 384,400 km means that it is at the same time Far enough to protect yourself from the effects of events on Earth and close enough to maintain uninterrupted communication with Him. True, the conditions on the site are not friendly to such activities, so Lonestar Data Holdings has many obstacles to overcome, such as huge differences in temperature on the surface (from + 110 ° C in the middle of the lunar day to – 180 ° C in midnight) or space and solar radiation, but the company has an idea for that.

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Very similar to some projects of NASA and special agencies that plan to explore not only the Moon but also Mars, i.e. Using lava tunnels and caves under the surface of a natural satellite.

Scientists think it could be the perfect place for bases, Protect future inhabitants and equipment from a large proportion of space threatsSuch as radiation or temperature mentioned above, as well as the impact of meteorites and other objects.

Furthermore, Lonestar Data Holdings . wants Use the help of robots to install the necessary equipment on site, which is expected to hit the moon in 2024. Is this a realistic deadline? It is difficult to say, because the effectiveness of its implementation depends on many external factors, including a company that decided to send equipment to the moon.

Lonestar recently announced that Contract Prototyping Tests with Intuitive MachinesWhich, after many delays, will be sent to its own moon at the end of the year Nova Sealander (Using the onboard module, Lonestar will test the software itself, i.e. sending and receiving data from our natural satellite), but It’s just one piece of the puzzle.

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