July 28, 2021

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Loss in 2020, the airline's financial results

Loss in 2020, the airline’s financial results

The Polish company LOT recorded a net loss of 1 41 billion PLN in 2020, compared to a profit in 2019 of 68.9 million PLN, the company announced in its management report. Last year, the national carrier carried 3.1 million passengers.

In 2020, the company recorded a loss in sales (loss in core operations) of PLN 533.1 million compared to a profit of PLN 113.9 million in 2019.

As mentioned in the report, the operating result before depreciation (EBITDA) in 2020 was PLN -584.3 million compared to the profit in 2019 of PLN 225.0 million. On the other hand, operating loss (EBIT) in 2020 amounted to PLN 734.1 million compared to profit in 2019 of PLN 91.9 million.