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“Love Island. Love Island.” He quit after what he saw! Shocking scenes in the last episode :: Magazine :: RMF FM

"Love Island. Love Island."  He quit after what he saw!  Shocking scenes in the last episode :: Magazine :: RMF FM

In the last episode of “Love Island.. Love Island”, feelings reached their peak. After what he saw, one of the participants decided to leave the show! There were also a lot of tears, and the choice of one of the participants shocked even Carolina Gillon …

Love Island. Love Island”, season 5, episode 27. Chapter. Who has dropped out of the show?

On Wednesday, March 30, Polsat TV channel showed another episode of the program entitled “Love Island”. Love Island. The host this time: Carolina Gillon ordered a “big retirement”, which in practice meant that the participants made difficult choices. Recall: Existing spouses were “separated” for a few days to meet new islanders during this time. While the ladies of Casa Amor enjoyed along with the participants of the previous editions, their partners welcomed the new residents of the island. It turns out that yesterday evening was a test time for the reports that have surfaced thus far. Viewers eagerly awaited the decision of Patrycja, who had an affair with Łukasz from the start. Despite her initial fascination with ‘Delegation’, the 21-year-old confided to her friends that she didn’t see her relationship with ukasz, whom she ‘treated like a brother’. in addition to, Being far from the villa, Patricia approaches Mikowaj.

In return, ukasz sincerely waited for his partner’s return, and immediately told his new colleagues that his heart was busy and would not change. During yesterday’s pairing, the man decided that he would be faithful to his beloved’s side, making sure that she would be back on her own. However, there was a huge surprise on his face when Patricia appeared at the villa with Mikowag…

Love Island 5. Who chose Patricia? Łukasz leaves the program!

After Patricia and Mikowag entered, all the inhabitants of the island froze and ukasz could not speak.

I do not know what to say…

The participant immediately stated that he did not want to enter into any relationship with Patricia:

Do not want to speak. Come on… that’s just a lie to me… what you told me all in bed… it’s just not true (…). I received a sign that it is not towards friendship but towards love. You could have told me that before…

ukasz didn’t want to listen to Patrycja’s explanations and decided he wanted to leave the show.

Love Island 5. New pairs in the program. Patricia and Mikujaj together

Patricia’s decision and Łukasz’s departure shocked the rest of the island’s population. After the emotional coupling, the girl was unable to control her emotions, and still cried. Mikowaj, who wanted to console his partner, found himself in a difficult situation, but his actions had no effect.

I was embarrassed and embarrassed about the whole situation, because she feels that way and because I can’t do anything (…) Jurek’s explanation.

Netizens have commented on Patricia’s decision and Łukasz’s departure from ‘Love Island’.

After the final episode of ‘Love Island’, there was a heated discussion on social media about Patrycja’s behavior and the decision Łukasz made. While some defended the engagement, others directly stated that the woman had abused her partner too much:

She acted in harmony with herself. I did what I thought was right.

Patricia did what she felt. So much for this topic. The fact is that it will not be with ukasz after the program. A good friend but nothing else.

It is a pity for ukasz.

Wow, you tried it with him… like that guy and you hit my dad.

Such an honest boy, a true model. He was very loyal to her.

You can see that it hurts him very much, watching it myself, I was very sad …

And how do you evaluate the choice of the resignation of Patricia and Okas from continuing to participate in the program?

Viewers of “Love Island” worried about the behavior of one of the participants: “It seems that he was there as a punishment.”

Piotr Jakimczuk from ‘Love Island. The Island of Love’ is on the show again! His behavior caught the attention of netizens who shared their thoughts online. “It seems as if there was a punishment” – you can …

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