October 18, 2021

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"Love Island. Love Island": They Made Their Love Penultimate!  Now everything is clear...

“Love Island. Love Island”: They Made Their Love Penultimate! Now everything is clear…

This is one of the last nights on Love Island. The people of our islands enjoy the charm of hot Spain. They will have to say goodbye soon. The gentlemen had been in the kitchen since morning, and the girls started their day in the…wardrobe. Time for breakfast together!

Wiktor started the day with a thicker tube. He admitted to Magda that so far he only introduced the girl to the family once. Islanders still feel that yesterday they could meet their relatives.

The girls got a great message! It turns out that they will be able to relax a little at the spa! It is undeniable that this is what they need most – comfort and a girl’s flight. There will be another opportunity to discuss your significant other.

The islanders even had their first joint plans. After the program, Wiktor immediately went to Warsaw to Magda, and Paulina and Aleksandra admitted that they, too, had already consulted their partners about their joint life …

Guys can spend time together, too. It turns out that Armando is not a big football fan, which was especially upset by Andre and Wiktor, who turned out to be big football fans.

It’s time, though, to think a little bit about your partners! The islanders were given the task of describing their feelings for their significant other. In this edition, Polina only had the opportunity to practice writing a letter, although perhaps she and Andrei would like to forget this letter.

The islanders were very worried about having to put their feelings on paper, but they did just fine.

In the evening, the participants dressed up as the Oscars! Guys jumped into elegant suits, and girls presented outfits like the red carpet. Icelanders couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

Andrei was so happy with Paulina that he was moved.

Adrian admitted that he saw an angel going down the stairs. Then the cameras stopped his presence, only she that mattered!

In the evening, in the fairytale scene of the villa, each of the islanders, except for “I love you”, heard beautiful confessions from her partner: “I will always be yours alone” – this is Magda’s Wiktor.

“I found my purpose in life. And I became you” – Adrian to Alexandra. Armando was also not afraid to tell his beloved that he loved her. He asked her shyly if he could call her his girlfriend.

Andrei said to Polina: “I have restored my faith in what is more important – in love.” He also announced that he does not intend to give up and will continue to fight for their relationship.

The girls also rose to the occasion: “My safety and happiness are in your hands,” Magda told Wiktor. She also confessed her love to him. She added that he was the first and only man she would want to do something with.

Paulina admitted to Andrei: “I care about you and want to continue building it on the beautiful foundation that we have built here.”

Adrian deserved Alexandra’s confession: “Step by step she made me the happiest woman in the world.” She also said that she’s the man she’s been waiting for her whole life and loves too…

Passionate love warmed the atmosphere so much that the islanders finished a romantic dinner … with a joint dive into the water!

Watch the final episode on Sunday at 22.10 on Polsat!

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