October 21, 2021

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"Love Island. Love Island."  They were favourites, and that's something.  Is this the sure end?!

“Love Island. Love Island.” They were favourites, and that’s something. Is this the sure end?!

Andrei finally won Paulina’s heart and stole a kiss from her. The girl admitted that she did not know her feelings yet, but now a stone had fallen from her heart.

Everything indicates that Matthews was left without a husband, because his other half was busy … kissing Andrei. In an interview with Wiktor, Jurek revealed that he’s not convinced if Alex’s feelings are strong enough. The situation was completely different when he was, for example, with Klaudia. Admit that everything is going in the right direction and that what was in between was honest.

Andrei could not hide his joy. He said in an interview with Edita and Alex that he was finally happy and received a kiss from the heart. However, it is undeniable that there is no end to kisses. Is there really a chance of a real feeling between them?

Edita decides to talk to Laura about Eric. Will this conversation destroy their friendship? There were many indications that these girls did just fine. Laura even supported the islanders after separating from Armando. You can see, however, that in war and in love … all tricks are allowed!

The mood of the evening was disturbed by the appearance of Carolina Gillon. It’s time for another clean! The inhabitants of the island were invited to the circle of fire. Girls will choose today!

Alexandra found a real affinity with Adrian. Ola referred to her current boyfriend, Dawid. The Belgian-Spanish alliance Alex and Gorek is doing well, although the girl is worried that she is beginning to treat the islanders as a friend, and not as a partner.

Laura still wants to be married to Eric. Magda, of course, chose Wiktor, and even more so, the couple confessed their love. Paulina invited Andrzej to join the couple – No More #. For Edyta, only Matthews remained on the battlefield and this is how the last pair was formed.

Alex took Magda and Alexandra for an interview. She told the girls that she didn’t feel the same about Jurek as the girls did about their partners. She confessed, crying, that she loves the Spaniard, but as a friend. She added that she feels the difference in age. It turns out that she would like to have an older partner.

Andrei did not stop praising his partner. He even revealed that he had never felt this close to a woman. The situation is a little different with Ola and Dawid. Icelanders don’t like some boy mockery. I put a big question mark on their report!

Cleaning may seem complete, but Carolina’s next unexpected visit somewhat upset the romantic mood. It is time for exclusion. This time, both spouses together had to choose a pair in which they did not see any feeling.

The Icelanders had no major problems with writing, Edita and Matthews left the island with their decision.

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