October 23, 2021

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Love Island.  Polina and Andrei will be back together.  "I always get what I'm fighting for."  We have a recording of their kiss

Love Island. Polina and Andrei will be back together. “I always get what I’m fighting for.” We have a recording of their kiss

relationship history Andrew Paulina is the hottest topic for season 4 viewers lately “Love Island”. The beautiful blonde caught the attention of the islanders from the start and patiently waited for her to be free. When they finally came to the pairing, the Icelandic girl suddenly changed her mind.

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Love Island. Paulina and Andrei kiss

Love Island. Andrei fights for Paulina, netizens thunder: blackmail myself

Before staying at Casa Amor, Polina realized that she had no deeper feelings for Andrei. The girl wrote a letter in which she told her partner the truth. He could not come to terms with Polina’s decision for a long time, but hope shone in him to the end. He did not leave Casa Amor with a new partner, but was surprised by his beloved, who had already entered into a relationship with Matthews. When she saw Andrzej alone, she fell into despair. She also admitted that she had made a mistake. However, does Paulina feel something about the islanders who adore her?

A lot can be explained in the last episode of the dating show. The recording shows Andrei announcing that he is going to fight for a relationship with Polina. The scenes of Al Jazeera’s confessions are interspersed with frames of the upcoming couple. However, netizens are not happy with this turn of events.

Drama, psychological blackmail, and trouble understanding the word no.

Hey, it’s not great anymore, I also have shivering, but embarrassment. I’m starting to scare him, really.

Sounds bad… Forced love? – We read on Instagram.

What do you think of the relationship between Paulina and Andrei? Can the islanders reciprocate his feelings?

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