September 23, 2021

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Love Island.  Viewers can't believe it.  Bruno shaved off his girlfriend's beard and threw it outside the villa.  "knife in the back"

Love Island. Viewers can’t believe it. Bruno shaved off his girlfriend’s beard and threw it outside the villa. “knife in the back”

Already at the beginning of Sunday’s episode, participants “Love Island. love islands“They had to decide the fate of people at risk of being excluded from the programme. Angelica voted for the boy who… announced from the start that he wanted to be a husband to her.

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In the previous episode of “Love Island. Love Islands”, six contestants were in danger. A few days ago, viewers could decide on it – they chose the people who were least sympathetic. Ola, Angelika, Monika, Bruno, Jęrek, Andrzej – they were supposed to leave the show. Team members decide who to drop out. All voters were in favor of removing Monica, while the boy’s choice was not clear. All of them got one vote, and the final decision rests with Angelica. She decided she wanted to leave the villa… Bruno, with whom she was paired.

Until recently, the boy wanted to establish a strong relationship with her, but the girl still did not know what she wanted. In the end, they both gave up on any further attempts. No one expected, however, that Angelica wanted so much to get Bruno out of the show. Especially viewers who do not believe that the participant made such a decision.

This is kind of a funny joke. Bruno? seriously?

But not Bruno! Angelica, it’s over, I can’t look at her.

One season they brought back Mondyk. We demand Bruno’s return.

Bruno’s fall is shocking. And who got the knife in the back? There was no need to shave your beard.

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Until a few days ago Bruno was taken from the movie Love Island. The Islands of Love decides to shave Angelica’s beardWho told him she doesn’t like facial hair. Apparently, it was completely in vain, because he did not persuade the girl to give him a chance anyway.

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