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Love Sanatorium. What does Adam’s fiancée look like from the second edition? The secret of the participant was revealed through the production of the show [ZDJĘCIE] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Love Sanatorium.  What does Adam's fiancée look like from the second edition?  The secret of the participant was revealed through the production of the show [ZDJĘCIE] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

One of the participants in the program: “The Sanatorium of Love” will soon change his marital status! The participant of the second edition of the show – Adam Swirsky – is preparing to marry his chosen one: Marta. Meanwhile, their first picture together has surfaced on social media!

This is certain! Soon, Adam from the second edition of “The Farmer is Looking for a Wife” will change his marital status! The color press already reported a few weeks ago that Swirsky’s heart beats hard for one of the ladies, but now the first official photo of the couple has appeared on the Web! The future wife of the show participant is Marta, who is five years younger than her, And soon lovers will say “yes” secrets!

Introducing Marta – Adam’s fiancée. Wedding in a few days! – Media production “SM” published a photo of the couple.

Adam from love sanatorium 2 is in love!

In an interview with the portal: “” Adam Swirsky revealed how he met his future wife. It turned out that the guy made a virtual acquaintance that quickly moved to the real world.

You blew my mind. We had our first date in Wieliczka. In the cafe, after I drank my first coffee, I was already in love!

According to information circulating on the Internet, the wedding of Adam and Marta will take place on June 4. Under the image of lovers, there are already several wishes for future spouses:

All the best,

What a sincere smile from Mr. Adam on the spot, wonderful

happiness and love,

Wonderful years together.

We also join these words!

Edward from the sanatorium of love showed a “kitten”! The picture of lovers spread on the Internet

This is certain! Edward from the third edition: “The Asylum of Love” is in love! A photo of a participant in a dating show was shared with his partner during the show’s production. Who is the mysterious Hanna that Edward referred to as “the cat”?

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