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Low savings and low appetite for investments by Poles

Low savings and low appetite for investments by Poles

Half of us are afraid of tomorrow, and inflation eats up savings and scares even more The war in Ukraine, which dampens the appetite for investment, according to a study conducted by studio Maison & Partners on behalf of the Assay Group, cited by PAP MediaRoom on Monday. The report’s authors compared financial awareness and major concerns about the expected financial situation among Poles, Germans and Romanians.

Results report

The published report shows that only 57 percent. of Poles have no savings (an increase of 1 percentage point compared to last year). Its average value is PLN 35,809, 20 percent higher than the nominal one. more than a year ago. However, after taking into account inflation, it turns out that the level of savings held by Poles has not changed significantly.

We are a consumer society. We would rather overeat the money we earn than save it and saving even in small amounts is quite problematic for us. However, the reason is not only profits, because the example of Romanians shows that you can save and invest by earning less than Poles – explained Łukasz Blichewicz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Examination Group while presenting the research results at the Cambridge Innovation Center in the Varso Place office building in Warsaw.


For comparison, Romanians average about 22,000 zlotys on their accounts (about 60 percent of the value held by Poles), and Germans have more than 370,000. zlotys (10 times more than the Poles). However, the real value of savings can only be estimated by taking into account the ratio of purchasing power parity to the market exchange rate of the country’s currency. The average value of savings calculated in this way is approx. Zlotys in the case of Poland, about 39 thousand. Zloty in the case of Romania and about 342 thousand. zlotys in the case of Germany. However, in this case, we are dealing with a huge advantage for the inhabitants of Germany.

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Most importantly, these differences do not have a significant impact on the perception of the current geopolitical situation by residents of the three European countries, because they all save and invest less due to the war in Ukraine and High inflation.

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