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LPG prices are rising sharply. Autogas may run out of January

LPG prices are rising sharply.  Autogas may run out of January

LPG prices in just a few months They can share the fate of coal. And that’s everything else before next winter. All indications are that there may be a severe shortage of fluids soon GasWhich is used to power cars and heat homes or gas stoves.

great influence on the prices LPG may have been announced by the Prime Minister An embargo on Russian gas supplies. It remains to be seen if it will be held by the end of this month. The proposed date for its entry into force was to be beginning of next year.

LPG prices, how do the Poles use LPG?

LPG is consumed largely from the automotive industry, But in our country it is also used for other purposes. According to the analysis of the Polish organization of liquefied gas, consumption of this fuel In our country last year it was as follows:

  • 74.5 percent – automatic gas,
  • 14.6 percent – gas for heating,
  • 10.9% – gas in cylinders.

The first position is clear – it concerns the refueling of cars at the stations fuel. According to the calculations of the Polish Chamber of LPG, it is moving on the roads of our country Up to 3 million vehicles fitted with LPG installations. The remaining gas is used for heating the premises with the help of tanks located next to houses or factories, and also goes to gas stoves and tourists directly from the cylinder.

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LPG prices and the embargo on Russian gas supplies

Interestingly, it has been in business for several years Excessive production of LPG in world markets, But the war in Ukraine He greatly confused the arrangements for the delivery of this fuel. All because of the announced ban on the import of liquefied petroleum gas from Russia.

The Polish Prime Minister announced in April that From January 1, 2023, the Russian gas tap will be closed. At the time of this announcement, the ban on Russian natural gas was coming into effect, making life difficult for many Poles, and the government was working intensively on diversifying supplies.

Information about the planned ban is very bad news, not only from the point of view of drivers, but also from the point of view of people who use this fuel, for example, to heat an apartment.

LPG prices, in other markets there are surpluses and transportation problems

Searching for alternative sources of gas supply It can be difficult Because the countries that have a surplus in the production of this raw material It is located far from Poland. This in turn raises logistical problems. Sea transportation is the most efficient, but shipping must be carried out by large and specialized vessels – their so-called gas tanks Loading capacity of 50 thousand ringtones.

The problem is that in Poland It will not be accepted by any port (maximum 40,000 tons). In addition, there is a problem with storing such an amount of gas in the tanks provided at the station.

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The only solution in this matter is delivery to one of the western ports, and then transport by rail or by land. It might be an alternative Transport by small carriers (Loading capacity up to 3000 tons). However, at present most ships are chartered, and a Stations under contract for the coming months. In addition, it performs in Europe Railway lockers shortageAs well as trucks and drivers with ADR licenses. In short, the problem follows the problem.

Another problem Poland will face in response to the ban is There is no transit of LPG from Kazakhstan. At the moment, LPG from this country is re-exported from Poland to Ukraine. As a result of the blockade, this trend will close.

Experts expect that the decision It will cause a sudden increase in fuel shortage In Poland and across the eastern border. Limited availability of LPG, therefore – Higher prices will translate into a jump in gasoline prices, Because drivers will have no other choice.

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