October 23, 2021

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Lublin area and "Science Without Borders Enjoy the science!"  |  Nakielski . courier

Lublin area and “Science Without Borders Enjoy the science!” | Nakielski . courier

On September 18-23, 2021 for the fifth time, a group of primary school students No. Cardinal Stefan Wiesinski, Millennium President of Nako nad Notich, participated in the 17th Lublin Science Festival under the theme “Science Without Boundaries. Enjoy Science!”. The trip to the Lublin region, together with peers from four schools (SP Wojnowo, SP Kruszyn, SP Strzelewo and SP Potulice) took place as part of a school collaboration sponsored by John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin and colleagues funded by the Potulicka Foundation.
Students began their adventure with science by participating in the inaugural science picnic for the 17th Lublin Science Festival. Projects in which children participated included: “How to protect yourself from hate on the Internet? Cinderella goes to court … ”and“ Can one machine replace a hundred? About organs and the uniqueness of their voice. “
Excursion participants learned about the beauty of the Lublin region by visiting Lublin, Chem and Chalk Underground, as well as Kazimierz Dolny.
One of the very important points of the trip was the traditional meeting of students and their parents with representatives of the authorities of the John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin. The young people were warmly welcomed by the Rector of the University – Fr. Doctor Hub. Miroslav Sitars, A.; KUL and Dr. Andrzej Gładysz, Prof. KUL, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Potulicka Foundation.
As part of the implementation of the project by the sponsoring schools based on the general message of Pope Francis “Laudato Si” and as a symbol of cooperation between schools and the university, a tree was planted in front of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences in front of the building of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences.
The trip was full of attractions: the students watched a movie at the cinema called “Czarny Młyn” (a fantasy and adventure novel for young people, inspired by a book by Marcin Szczygielski) the confectionery factory “Pszczóka”, participated in game and integration activities.
Learning has no limits, and it is worth learning, even on such successful trips!

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