October 21, 2021

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Lublin University / The Catholic University of Lublin plans to open a medical school

Lublin University / The Catholic University of Lublin plans to open a medical school

The Catholic University of Lublin plans to open a medical school. The university is likely to start educating future doctors from 2023. Initially, there will be 60 places for medical students, as announced Thursday during a press conference at the Catholic University in Lublin.

Dean of the Catholic University of Lublin Fr. the professor. Miroslav Kalinovsky stated that in the 1930s, efforts began to establish a medical faculty at the university, but these plans were thwarted by the outbreak of World War II.

“In the 103rd year of operation of the university, we took the initiative to fulfill the will of our ancestors (…). Hence our efforts are made by my excellent predecessor, Fr. Anthony Debinsky opened the Nursing Department, and later plans obstetrics. “I can,” said the rector of the Catholic University of Lublin. To say that I am taking the next step in this succession, as I make efforts to establish a medical school.

The ceremonial signing of a cooperation agreement on the establishment of medical faculties between John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin and the 1st Military Teaching Hospital with Polyclinic SPZOZ in Lublin was held on Thursday.

This letter of intent aims to ensure that we have the appropriate clinical base to implement in the process of educating students in the field of medicine. Thank you very much for taking this initiative and I hope it bears the best fruit,” added the Rector of the Catholic University of Lublin.

The commander of the military hospital in Lublin, Colonel Alexander Michalsky, confirmed that the facility is also a clinical hospital set up to educate medical staff.

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And we want to carry out this mission. This time in collaboration with KUL in the creation of medical studies. It seems to be a great opportunity for the hospital, for the scientific development of our staff, as well as a breakthrough for the district, because it is the creation of a new faculty at the university, which until now was only in one place in Lublin ”- emphasized Colonel Alexander Michalsky.

Aurelia Ostrowska, director of the Department of Military Health Services of the Ministry of National Defense, added that the military hospital in Lublin is developing systematically.

“We have 67 specialties in 11 areas of medicine, so I think that everyone who wants to take advantage of our opportunities will find a place,” – emphasized Ostrovska.

She pointed out that the epidemic showed that one of the most important tasks is to educate more doctors, nurses, paramedics and other professions, “which are also extremely important for the armed forces within the medical staff.”

Currently, there are other medical schools in KUL, such as Nursing and Obstetrics. Medicine is scheduled to be established in 2023. Initially, there will be 60 places for students in the field of study. Learning will be in Polish, with time it will also be possible to study in English (PAP).

Author: Gabriela Pujacic

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