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Luisa from “Paradise 3” celebrates her birthday out loud! Who attended her party?

Luisa from "Paradise 3" celebrates her birthday out loud!  Who attended her party?

Actress Luisa Benzoua of Paradise 3 celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday. The party was very noisy. You can see that the Instagramer spared no money for it. Participants of various editions enjoyed the Saturday party. How was this fun evening?

Louisa from Paradise Hotel is 21 years old

Luisa from “Hotel Paradise 3” She had a great time in the company of her best friend from various reality shows. There was also a lavish party in a slightly American style. You can see that the girl knows what fun is. As befits real influencers, Every participant in the event took a lot of photos And he scored a lot of reports, which he later posted on his Instastory. Curious who came to celebrate Louie’s birthday together?
Luiza and Maurycy from Paradise 3 in a romantic photoshoot

Luiza from Hotel Paradise “- called the community cream itself

In the “heaven hotel” Many good friendships are made outside of relationships. Louisa left the show missing, but she met many people who are eager to meet her and enjoy her company. This laughing show for her birthday invited a lot of people. Among them were girlfriend Luisa from the program – Ola with her boyfriend Michai, Morrissey from the third edition, Cornelia, Natalia, and even Kara! There were also participants in the current version, such as Mati or Miłosz. Enjoy everyone in complete agreement. There were also funny moments. Cara appeared without Marcin, but with an eloquent sign – Marcin with his parents. Interestingly enough, he also appeared Siluya MadinskaWhich is probably present at every party, from all the rookie celebrities.

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“Paradise Hotel” – friendship is more than relationships

Our notes show it in Paradise Hotel More friendly relations are formed than relations. During all editions, only a few pairs survived. Often, after the end of the program, completely new relationships are created, which in general cannot be captured in the program. Tomorrow is the final of the fourth edition of the showWe’re curious who’s still in touch after the show?
How did you like Louisa’s birthday?

Luisa from “Paradise 3 Hotel” is 21 years old. Who invited the party?


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