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Lukaku made a decision. Back. The football option opens for Lewandowski

Lukaku made a decision.  Back.  The football option opens for Lewandowski

Romelu Lukaku moved from intermilan lowest Chelsea About 100 million euros. agent Belgium He did not live up to their hopes and was not a prominent figure in the London team. The player scored 15 goals and assisted 2 in 44 matches. Thus, he somehow matches the old adage that “never enter the same river twice”, especially since his first adventure with Chelsea in 2011-2014 was also very unsuccessful.

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Media: Romelu Lukaku made his choice. He wants to return to Inter Milan

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio, a journalist who is well acquainted with the facts of the transfer, Romelu Lukaku may return to Italian Serie A and on on the principle An annual loan to join Inter Milan. The Italian club was even on the verge of making the first loan offer to the Belgian, which amounted to five million euros. Chelsea did not agree to this proposal, however, Inter expect 15 million euros.

Di Marzio says the final offer to Inter is expected to be €10m and additional bonuses, which would be a compromise between the two parties. Initially, it was said that Inter wanted to buy a player from the London club, but, most likely, the team’s activists were deterred from Milan because of the price. Due to the high amount of early transfer, Chelsea He could have demanded a very large sum for the attacker.

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If Lukaku’s loan is successful, it will likely be Inter’s second offensive boost. Paulo Dybala, who will join the club on a free transfer basis, must also play in the upcoming team from Milan next season..

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Lukaku transfer will give Robert Lewandowski an extra option?

Another striker will also be vacant at Chelsea, which could be important news for Robert Lewandowski. English and German media reported that the London team is interested in the possible acquisition of a Polish striker, in the event that Lukaku leaves the club. But at the moment, Chelsea does not seem to be Lewandowski’s first choice.

Lukaku didn’t do well at Chelsea, but the striker did an excellent job with it Inter. The Belgian played 95 games for the club, during which he scored 64 goals and made 16 assists. Hence, both Inter and Lukaku are very positive about the re-cooperation.

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