October 21, 2021

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Lukas Podolsky has a new job.  Would you rather work in Germany than play football?

Lukas Podolsky has a new job. Would you rather work in Germany than play football?

Despite high expectations, Lukas Podolski has so far failed to live up to the hopes entrusted to him. To date, he has played only four matches, three of them in the PKO Ekstraklasa and one in the Polish Cup. He has not yet been able to enter the list of shooters, and he has not been able to score assists. When he moved to Górnik, it was known that the 2014 world champion would have to combine his football duties with the work of a juror on the German version of “Got Talent”. It turns out that this will not be the only job of “Boldy” in the local media.

According to media reports, Germany, of Polish origin, has a contract with RTL TV, where he will be an expert in analyzing the meetings of the League of Europe and the Association of European Congresses. Given that Lukas Podolski also runs his own business, incl. In Cologne, fans of Górnik from Zabrze will have to be very understanding and patient with their greatest star.

Certainly, the move to the team from Zabrze was well received by all fans of this club, but not only very positively. “Poldi”, with its branding, which it built over the years of the game, gave the team a lot of marketing benefits. However, the most important thing in football is athletic performance, which is achieved with assists and assists. And so far, Lukas Podolsky has failed in this regard. If it continues like this, it is worth considering if the fans’ patience will not run out and the “Poldi” activities outside the stadium will not begin to annoy them.

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