September 23, 2021

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Mafiosi narkotykowi i ich luksusowe wille ukształtowały oblicza całych miast. Mafijne posiadłości we Włoszech, Meksyku czy Berlinie są obecnie konfiskowane i zwracane społeczeństwu. Tematowi przyjrzał się niemiecki magazyn „Spiegel”.

Luxurious villas and drug estates. Spiegel on the real estate trail

The drug mafia and its luxury villas have shaped the faces of entire cities. Mafia possessions in Italy, Mexico and Berlin were confiscated and returned to the public. The German magazine “Spiegel” took a look at the issue.

In countries such as Italy and Mexico, where criminal organizations have significant influence, Mafia and cartel bosses form large areas of cities “To make money from public procurement or to launder money, not only by building luxury villas for themselves and their families, but often entire properties as well. Many homes are equipped with bunkers and underground tunnelsTo help them wash or escape.”

One of these abandoned properties is located near Palermo, Sicily. A company belonging to the mafia boss has been building villas there since the 1970s. When the project is suspended by the authorities 170 villas were built and are still unfinished to this day.

Unfortunately, in many cities in southern Italy, traces of mafia buildings appear, which have changed the nature of these places – says Sicilian photographer Alessio Mamo.

Architecture and drug trafficking are closely related Adds Eloy Méndez, a Mexican architect and urban planner who studies “drug engineering” in Mexico.

The representative premises of criminals are like their own language that they want to show off and stand out, often comical and exaggerated Dudaji Mendes.

Drugs, illicit tobacco and alcohol. More arrests on international criminal group

Buildings are symbols of strength through them “Mafia clans and cartels control the public sphere and control the neighbourhood, but governments and societies are trying to take it back. Since 1982, Italy has confiscated more than 36,000 mafia property.” Spiegel says.

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Confiscation is one of the most effective tools in the fight against organized crime, it disrupts their activities and acts as a deterrent. – confirms Zora Hauser, who conducts research on the mafia at Oxford University.

According to the anti-mafia organization Libra, Already, thousands of Italian communities have received buildings or land expropriated by the state for social purposesAnd about 900 non-profit organizations or cooperatives operate former Mafia properties.

El Chapo’s wife pleaded guilty to helping run the cartel

Examples of activities have been inspired by Italy, among others Berlin, where confiscated criminals’ property will also be donated to charitable and social work. In 2018, investigators confiscated 77 properties belonging to the Ramo clan, including apartment buildings and apartments, but also A villa in the Neukölln district of Berlin, which will be used as a youth center Spiegel writes.

Mexico, in turn, wants customization lottery game some real estate, confiscated from corrupt politicians and drug chiefs.

In September, the house from which “El Chapo” Guzmán escaped will enter the lottery In 2014, as well as a villa near Mexico City that was the property of the former Juarez cartel boss. With the equivalent of about 11 euros (250 pesos), because that’s how much a ticket costs, you’ll be able to win a villa. The Mexican government wants to allocate the proceeds from this lottery to the vaccination campaign against the Corona virus.

The house after “El Chapo” will be able to win the lottery