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M jak miłość after summer 2022. Julia is going to steal the baby from her husband to get Andrzej! Is this genuine cheating? – Photos and video

M jak miłość po wakacjach 2022. Julia ukradnie dziecko mężowi, żeby zdobyć Andrzeja! To rasowa oszustka? - ZDJĘCIA, WIDEO

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M jak miłość after summer 2022. Julia is going to steal the baby from her husband to get Andrzej! Is this genuine cheating? – Photos and video

Julia (Marta Czodorovska) in “M jak miłość” will show everyone just what she is capable of in the new season! This is the trickster who convinced Andrzej (Krystian Wieczorek) that she got pregnant with him during a night he doesn’t even remember. It turns out that Andrzej’s lover will be capable of even more villainy. Beautiful Julia, who cried to Budzyński for an unexpected divorce, will actually rob her husband to take her beloved Magda (Anna Mucha) away! And he will do it in the ugliest way. How? Check what we already know and see what kind of mother Julia will be in the photo gallery from the “M jak miłość” plan and in the video!

Julia in “M jak miłość” is an ordinary cheater! See what you will be able to

Andrzej made a big mistake in “M jak miłość” in the last season of the series. At a conference in Wroclaw, he drank a lot, hugged Julia crying on his chest, surprised by his sudden divorce. As a result, Budzinsky ends up in his friend’s room for the night, and although she does not remember anything about that night, she claims that she became pregnant with him. In the new season, it turns out that Mallicka is capable of even more meanness!

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Because we were the first to write over here Andrzej in “M jak miłość” could not be the father of Julia’s child. During his marriage to Marta (Dominika Ostałowska) he turned out to be sterile. But Julia has no idea about this and will continue the topic of parenthood successfully after the holidays. Mallika will present Budzinski the results of DNA tests confirming his paternity. It’s just that they’re going to be fake!

Julia and her friend Sylvia (Hanna Tornau) will deceive Andre by falsifying the search results. But it is true that the lawyer is probably pregnant only with her husband!

If Julia in “M jak miłość” becomes the mother of her marriage partner’s child, her deception will take on double significance in the new episodes. Malika will not only collect Andrzej from Magda, but also rob her husband of the fruit of their love! However it promises to be Julia would be a tragically bad mother. Will anyone discover her tricks in the new season of “M jak miłość”?

m like love. Magda is in the hospital! Her sick heart could not stand the betrayal of Andrei and the pregnancy of Julia. Her husband will not be with her

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