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M jak miłość, Episode 1611: Marcin will finally come to his senses after Eza and the kids move to Grodek! Will they get back together?

M jak miłość, Episode 1611: Marcin will finally come to his senses after Eza and the kids move to Grodek!  Will they get back together?

Author: MTL Maxfilm
M jak miłość, Episode 1611: Marcin will finally come to his senses after Eza and the kids move to Grodek! Will they get back together?

In the 1611 episode “M jak miłość”, Iza (Adriana Kalska) will go to Gródek and move with her children Szymek (Staś Szczypiński) and Maja (Laura Jankowska) to a new home! One parting day is enough for Marcin in episode 1611 “M jak miłość” to finally take his head and follow Eza! The longing for his wife and family will be so strong that Chudakovsky will not stand the thought of another separation. Will Isa and Marcin return to each other and reconcile in Grodec? Learn the details!

“M jak miłość” Section 1611 – Tuesday, November 2, 2021, at 20.55 on TVP2

Will Isa and Marcin finally reconcile in episode 1611 “M jak miłość” and will it be between them as they were before? The separation of the Chudakovsky family, with which they agreed to prevent a divorce, will lead to the departure of Isa and the children to Grodek. According to previous plans, Iza decided to spend three months, including the whole summer, in a town near Grabina. All this to give Marcin time to think about whether he still wants to be her husband, or whether he wants to fight for their marriage. Because Isa will never suspect that she loves Marcin and doesn’t want to lose him because of anything in the world.

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When Iza and her children moved to Gródek, in the 1611 episode “M jak miłość”, she would be delighted at the prospect of starting work for the local newspaper “Głos Gródka”, in collaboration with editor-in-chief Anna (Diana) Kadłubowska, who is the fiancée of writer Iwański (Robert Czekowski).

In her darkest nightmares, Isa will not dream in episode 1611 “M jak miłość” that Jan Busaki (Dariusz Kordic), during which she stayed with Marcin, who persuaded Chudakovsky to betray her, is very close! Still hungry for revenge, Busaki will reach out to Isa’s new boss and spread lies about her. He will convince Annie that Eza is used to entering into relationships with other partners, she is looking for men from other women and she is the cunning seductress!

Will Marcin in episode 1611 “M jak miłość” protect Isa from Busaki?

Also, Marcin in episode 1611 “M jak miłość” would have no idea that Busaki had actually followed Isa and the children, and that he often visited Grodek because he knew Anna well. Chodakowski will come to his wife Szymek and Maja on the day they move in. He could no longer bear the separation from his children and his lover. The Chodakowski family in episode 1611 “M jak miłość” will have a great time together in Gródek, and Marcin will understand that he can’t live without Iza, without his family. But nothing will do the next step for Isa to return with him to Warsaw. He was going to let her stay in her new home to have time to think.

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You’re going to be really good here. I hope you align with this new job and this chapter will serve both of us. I agreed because it might be the only way for us to get back together. You went one day, and I really miss you so much… – Marcin confessed in episode 1611 “M jak miłość”. Neither of them will suspect that Busaki is preparing for the final attack on Chodowscy, lest they feel happy again.

M jak miłość, Episode 1607: Isa and Marcin will reconcile before they divorce, but each will go their own way

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