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M jak miłość, Episode 1618: Before Marzenka dies in an accident, she will task Ula with the secret of her pregnancy! – Pictures

M jak miłość, odcinek 1618: Marzenka zanim zginie w wypadku powierzy Uli tajemnicę swojej ciąży! - ZDJĘCIA

Author: MTL Maxfilm
M jak miłość, Episode 1618: Before Marzenka dies in an accident, she will task Ula with the secret of her pregnancy! – Pictures

In the 1618 episode “M jak miłość”, Marzenka (Olga Szomańska) will die in an accident with Andrzej (Tomasz Oświeciński), but before her death, she will confess to Ula (Iga Krefft) a secret that no one has ever known. The sisters-in-law will talk about the expansion of the family of Ula and Bartek (Arkadiusz Smoleński), as well as the pregnancy of Marzenka. Some time ago, Lisica was persuading her husband to have a second child. Just a moment before her death, in the 1618 episode “M jak miłość”, Marzenka will tell Ola that she was dying for fear of the idea of ​​becoming a mother and that she had lied to her husband for so long. Learn the details!

Section “M jak miłość” 1618 – Monday, 30 November 2021, at 20.55 on TVP2

Marzenka and Andrzejek will die in the 1618 episode “M jak miłość” in a horrific accident in Grabina caused by drunken Mariusz Jaszewski (Tomasz Lulek). Unfortunately, the perpetrator of the tragedy, fearing the consequences, will flee and leave Lysiki to certain death! On the day the couple say goodbye to life, and Olga Szumaiska and Tomas Oveczynski leave “M jak miłość” forever, the heroes in love will have many plans for the future. Since a new home is being built in Grabina and the second child, they both want a lot.

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whether In the 1618 episode “M jak miłość”, Marzenka will be pregnant when an accident occurs in which she dies with Andrzej? This can be assumed, because Lisiki himself will boast to his younger brother that he and his lover are trying to have siblings for Kalinka (Oluya Kupka) and want a son very much now.

Meanwhile, happy like never before, Marzenka will confess in 1618 episode “M jak miłość” Lola that she really wants to be a mother again. Although when she was pregnant with Kalinka, she was terribly afraid of what was waiting for her. The secret of Marzenka’s pregnancy will be revealed during the honest conversation between their sister-in-law at the Last Supper in the 1618 episode “M jak miłość”.

When Andrzejek told me he wanted to have children, I was dying of fear. I thought I couldn’t handle it. And secretly from him, I even took a pill – Marzenka will trust. This way, in the 1618 episode “M jak miłość”, you’ll want to encourage Ula not to delay the decision on the child, because fate is unpredictable and he doesn’t know what might happen. You will not, of course, feel her death.

In the 1618 episode “M jak miłość”, Marzenka Lola asserts that she will definitely be a great mother. – Everything seems so clear now, but it wasn’t always the case. Believe me, Ola, love for a child comes naturally. You don’t even know when.– She will add Marzynka, and this will be one of her last words.

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Before the fatal accident in the 1618 episode “M jak miłość”, Marzenka won’t have time to say goodbye to Kalinka. Together with Andrzej, they will leave their sleeping daughter with Ula and Bartek. So they will not have time to tell Kalinka how much they love her …

Marzenka and Andrzejek leave M like love. They will die in a tragic accident in Grabina! The best moments of this couple before their death

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