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M jak miłość, Episode 1626: Marta will outsmart Argasiński and his partner to reach Patrycja prison

M jak miłość, odcinek 1626: Marta przechytrzy Argasińskiego i jego wspólniczkę, żeby dostać się do uwięzionej Patrycji

Author: VOD TVP
M jak miłość, Episode 1626: Marta will outsmart Argasiński and his partner to reach Patrycja prison

In the 1626 episode “M jak miłość”, Marta (Dominika Ostałowska) decides to visit Patrycja (Alżbeta Lenska) without any prior announcement, with whom things have recently gone wrong. The girlfriend is deeply concerned about her health and decides that she cannot leave her alone. In the 1626 episode “M jak miłość”, not everything will go according to her plan, because she will not be met by Bogna (Katarzyna Skolimoska), who in the absence of Argasiński (Karol Strasburger) guards his wife like Cerberus! The nurse won’t let Marta into the apartment, but Wojciechowska will outsmart her! Bogna won’t believe she let herself get close!

Section “M jak miłość” 1626 – Tuesday 4 January 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

In the 1626 episode “M jak miłość”, Marta will still be concerned about the health of Patricia, who recently complained that she was getting worse. Argasińska admitted that she must have confused something in her head, because she has terrible memory problems and can’t remember where she left the thing. Alas, the warden’s wife will not realize that her husband is responsible for everything, who stuffs her with powerful psychotropic substances and makes her crazy, just to keep her with him and raise a child Łukasz (Jakub Józefowicz) with her. ! Marta advised her friend to escape from Jersey as soon as possible, even at the cost of her son’s life She calmly reported her pregnancy, but Patricia, fearing for the life of her beloved, did not decide to take a desperate step. In the 1626 episode “M jak miłość”, Marta will try to talk to Patrycja again!

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See in the gallery how you will protect Bogna Patrycja in “M jak miłość” >>>

Only in episode 1626 “M jak miłość” it will be more difficult than I expected! Marta will be shocked when the door to Patricia’s apartment is opened by a mysterious woman who will measure Marta with suspicious eyes at first!

– Hey, I’m Patricia’s girlfriend, we used to work together… I wanted to see her – explains Marta.

– Mrs. Patricia is not feeling well, she is lying… She said don’t bother her – She’ll tell Bogna and she’ll almost shut Wojciechowska’s door in her face, but Marta won’t give up so easily!

– I brought her a book that she had been asking about for a long time … – He’ll come out quickly.

– No problem, I can pass it – says Pogna.

Then, in the 1626 episode “M jak miłość”, Marta will notice that she has a powerful opponent on the other side guarding her friends like Cerberus. However, Wojciechowska has no intention of giving up on him and decides to go inside at all costs!

– No, I promised to personally deliver it … It only takes a minute, so … – You will click on it.

– Please wait, I’ll check the situation … – He will answer and close the door a little, which Wojciechowska will use entirely!

In the 1626 episode “M jak miłość”, Marta will wait a moment for Bogna to leave the door, then quietly and unnoticed enter the house and follow into Patricia’s bedroom! The nurse would be shocked that she gave herself to her like a child.

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– what are you doing here ?! I asked you … – Bughna gets angry.

– Marta? I am very happy… Please, come… Mrs. Pogna is a nurse, take care of me when my jersey is away… – Patrycja will intercede for her friend right away.

– Sure, I understand, you need to be careful during pregnancy … – says Marta, and will give Patricia the book that Pogna was talking about.

Unfortunately, the nurse in episode 1626 “M jak miłość” will not leave Marta and Patricia alone for even a moment and will carefully watch the uninvited guest, so the women will not be able to speak in peace.

– How are the preparations for childbirth? Do you already know in any hospital? Did you choose a midwife? – Marta will ask.

– I have not made up my mind yet, but I am watching this intimate maternity school, here nearby … I’ll show you, I have a post somewhere … Patricia confesses and I hurry to write a few words for my friend on a piece of paper so that Pogna doesn’t find out her secret!

M jak miłość Episode 1623 Announcement. Jaszewski will die at the place where Marzena and Andrzejek were killed! Bartik will discover a scam with a dip

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