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M jak miłość, Episode 1631: Ola and Bartik will discover that her grandmother cheated on Marzynka about the inheritance before her death! – Pictures

M jak miłość, Episode 1631: Ola and Bartik will discover that her grandmother cheated on Marzynka about the inheritance before her death!  - Pictures

Author: MTL Maxfilm
M jak miłość, Episode 1631: Ola and Bartik will discover that her grandmother cheated on Marzynka about the inheritance before her death! – Pictures

In Episode 1631 “M jak miłość”, Ula (Iga Krefft) and Bartek (Arkadiusz Smoleński) will learn the whole truth about the inheritance of Kalinka (Oliwia Kępka), daughter of Marzenka (Olga Szomańska) and Andrzej (Tomasz Oświeciski in an accident!) who died Shortly before her death, Marzenka Lola stated that her grandmother Alina inherited all Kalinka’s property in a will. But there was not much of it left, because the big woman had reportedly sold all the plots of land in our crows. Marta (Dominika Ostałowska) makeover in the 1628 episode “M jak miłość” will shed new light on the issue of Kalinka’s legacy! It will turn out that Marzenka was very mistaken, and her grandmother simply deceived her. Learn the details!

Section “M jak miłość” 1631 – Monday, January 24, 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

The death of Marzynka and Andrei in Em Jacques Migo was a blow to all the inhabitants of Mostoasi and the inhabitants of Grapina, Ola and Partek, after the agonizing loss of their brother and sister-in-law, faced a difficult challenge to replace the orphan. Kalinka from their deceased parents. On the day of Lisicki’s funeral, in the 1620 episode “M jak miłość”, it becomes clear that they will have to face a powerful enemy. Beata (Izabela Warykiewicz), Marzenka’s half-sister, wanted to take Kalinka away from them! She got into an argument with the Msoyak family and even tried to kidnap Marzynka’s daughter. Soon it turned out that she does not mean the child at all, but the land in the Grabina that Grandma Alina saved for Kalinka!

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Ola and Partek for a long time in “M jak miłość” won’t be able to understand why Beata wants to deprive Kalinka so much! Because Marzenka told her that her grandmother’s will was irrelevant and that her possessions were limited only to a modest house in the country. Alina no longer owns any land, years ago she sold everything in order to earn a living and raise Marzenka and Beata.

But already in the 1631 episode “M jak miłość” it turned out to be a big lie! Marta, at the request of Marysia Rogowska (Małgorzata Pieńkowska), for Ula and Bartek, will consider the inheritance, look at land and mortgage registries and x-ray notary documents, which Artur (Robert Moscow) stole Beata when he accidentally met her at the hospital in Grodek in Alina’s grandmother.! It was Wojciechowska who would prove in the 1621 episode “M jak miłość” that her grandmother had deceived Marzynka.

Marta’s findings in the 1631 episode “M jak miłość” would show that Marzenka was wrong, wrong about Kalinka’s inheritance. Finally, the sick old woman owned three plots of land in our crows, which she bequeathed to her great-granddaughter. All of them are located near the planned construction of the highway. According to the promise of the Elder Woman, the land will be handed over to Kalinka after her death. Thanks to Marta Ula and Bartek in episode 1631 “M jak miłość”, they will understand that Beata’s sudden interest in orphaned Kalinka is connected to her plans to take over the land of a two-year-old girl! The Lisicki family will begin to fear that Marzenka’s sister will influence Grandma Alina so effectively that she will change the will in favor of the decadent Beata.

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Grandma Alina’s visit to Mostowiaków’s house in the 1631 episode “M jak miłość” will be another flashpoint in the fight for Kalinka!

m like love. Bartik and will not lose Kalinka? All because of the pathological revenge for the murder of Marzynka and Andrei

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