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M jak miłość, Episode 1658: Patrycja in the face of Argasiński’s death will confess how much she loved him – PHOTOS

M jak miłość, Episode 1658: Patrycja in the face of Argasiński's death will confess how much she loved him - PHOTOS

Author: MTL Maxfilm
M jak miłość, Episode 1658: Patrycja in the face of Argasiński’s death will confess how much she loved him – PHOTOS

In the 1568 episode “M jak miłość”, Argasiński (Karol Strasburge) will find Patrycja (Alżbeta Lenska) and try to persuade him to go home. Although the husband’s vows will greatly affect Argasińska, this time she will be expelled from Grabina without anything. On the way back to Warsaw, Argasiński will lose consciousness at the wheel and will be taken to the hospital by little fate. Since we were the first to write – Łukasz (Jakub Józefowicz) in episode 1568, “M jak miłość” will save his rival’s life and he will hear how Patrycja loved her husband so much. Be sure to see the photo gallery!

Section “M jak miłość” 1658 – Tuesday 3 May 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

In episode 1658 “M jak miłość” a great drama will appear. Łukasz accidentally finds Argasiński unconscious on the road and it turns out that the lead doctor lost consciousness while driving – We were the first to write about it here >>>

An accident will occur in episode 1568 “M jak miłość” on Argasiński’s way home. Thanks to Bogna, the chief doctor will find his wife and make an unexpected visit to her. Argasiński will completely surprise Patricia not only with his appearance, but above all with his behavior! The husband promises his wife everything she has so far, as well as love, care and tenderness. How will Patricia react to all this?

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Patricia could not stand her husband’s visits in the 1658 episode “M jak miłość” very well. Seeing Argasiński, the beloved Chukas will be paralyzed with a mixture of fear and anger, although we will also see that her husband’s kind words will affect her. And when Patricia finds out about the accident, she will tell the whole truth.

According to the portal, in episode 1658 “M jak miłość”, Patrycja will ask Łukasz to inquire about Argasiński’s health on her behalf. She will feel very weak because of it, but she will obviously take care of his life, and her words will confirm her.

I loved this guy so much…- Patricia confesses to ukasz. – But now… I can’t… I feel so sorry… Just think of the irony… Jerzy gave an order for these thugs to kill you, and you… You saved his life…

– I really get it – The beloved ukasz will introduce and will add: – We can go and see what he does with Jerzy… but you two have been together for so many years…

No, I don’t want to go to the hospital, but… Can you call me tomorrow? I just want to know if she’ll get out of this… Maybe it’s hard to fathom… – Patricia will ask.

Will Argasiński’s incident in episode 1658 “M jak miłość” change the order and will his wife who loves him return to her husband? How long will ukasz last in love?

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m like love. After the loss of Patricia, Argasiński will reveal her secret only to Nurse Bogna!

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