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M jak miłość, Episode 1662: Marysia Will Discover Nieśpielak’s Scam! Kisielowa and ak will see the crook and warn Rogowska

M jak miłość, Episode 1662: Marysia Will Discover Nieśpielak's Scam!  Kisielowa and ak will see the crook and warn Rogowska

M jak miłość, Episode 1662: Marysia Will Discover Nieśpielak’s Scam! Kisielowa and ak will see the crook and warn Rogowska

In the 1662 episode “M jak miłość”, Marysia (Małgorzata Pieńkowska) will finally meet in Nieśpielak (Zbigniew Suszyński) and find out why he’s so close to her! Rogovska was convinced that she had caught the attention of Arthur’s friend (Robert Moscow) from her studies and decided to use it to make her husband jealous, and for this she treated him with special kindness. Marcia was deaf to her relatives’ warnings about the professor, but in the 1662 episode “M jak miłość” everything will change! Nieśpielak will be under the magnifying glass of Kisielowa (Małgorzata Rożniatowska) and Robert (Krzysztof Tyniec), who will review his fraud plot and alert Rogoska, who will not be able to believe it!

Section “M jak miłość” 1662 – Monday 23 May 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

In the 1662 episode “M jak miłość” Nieśpielak will be revealed, and Marysia will finally discover the truth of the fraud! Rogowska will be more than surprised that she thought she was loved by a famous professor who had recently become very close to her and decided to open an ophthalmology clinic in Jarabina next to the flat family home. The presence of Newbilk so infuriated Arthur, which Mary decides to use to make her husband jealous, but it never occurred to her that the Professor might mean something else! Nieśpielak began to take great care of the plots of land near the Mostowiaków grove, which he began to ask a local priest (Maciej Damięcki), believing that it was church land! However, its owner turns out to be Marysia, whom Nieśpielak decides to use, and will continue his game in the 1662 episode “M jak miłość” and take Rogoska again for coffee to ask her for details!

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See in the photo gallery how Kisielowa meets Nieśpielak in “M jak miłość” >>>

In the 1662 episode “M jak miłość”, according to, Kisielowa will be witness to the experience of Marysia and Nieśpielak, who will not like that Rogoska got so close to a man who has so much behind his ears! Zosia will actually meet the professor, who has begun to persuade and bribe the mayor with great visions, and has little to do with the truth! Kisielowa decided that she had to stop her and on the same day, together with Robert, they were going to visit Mostowiaków and have a serious conversation with Marysia, which Rogowska would not like!

– Marcia, you know me, my heart is on my tongue … and I will ask you directly. What’s up with your professor friend who cured Kinga? – Zosia . will start.

– Marius? – Marcia will be surprised.

– But you went with him for coffee … – He mentioned it.

– And.. is this forbidden? Rogoska is angry in the 1662 episode “M jak miłość”.

Then, in the 1662 episode “M jak miłość”, Robert will interfere in their conversation, warning Marcia that the mayor has received plans to alter the spatial development of the municipality, and Nieśpielak has begun to buy a plot of land in her vicinity, which is causing them great concern!

– We know from informed sources that there are those who are pressuring the municipality to change the spatial development plan. In the last session of the council, the chairman of the council was very fond of this idea – Robert admits.

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– And you know how it is… with open arms he welcomes guests from Warsaw who bring a bag of money – Adds Zosia.

– Your friend bought some plots of land here… and he’s buying it again. Why does he need so much land? – ak will be interested.

– He will build a clinic. It is a great investment… Rogoska admits.

However, neither Zosia nor Robert in episode 1662 “M jak miłość” will believe in the good nature of the Professor and will be convinced that something is turning out! Kisielowa will not allow fraud behind her back, so she will ask Marcia to inform her of the upcoming meeting with Nieśpielak, who will sharply pull her tongue! Only then will Marcia realize how wrong she was and what kind of man Neobilak really is, about which Arthur himself has warned her!

– I have a request. Next time this professor is here, tell me. I’m sure he’s doing something – Zosia will say frankly.

– But when Zosia takes him for inquiries, he will sing everything … I could not hide anything from her … – Robert sums up.

Newbilac scam with Reverend from Grabina! Will he take over Marcia’s plot?

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