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M jak miłość Episode 1669. An unwanted pregnancy will ruin Anita and Kamel’s happiness? They will fight over the child!

M jak miłość, odcinek 1669: Anita powie Kamilowi o ciąży! To będzie wstrząs dla Gryca - ZDJĘCIA

“M jak miłość” Section 1669 – Tuesday, 13/09/2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

In the 1669 episode “M jak miłość”, news of the pregnancy of Andrzej Budzyński’s (Krystian Wieczorek) mistress will fall on Anita and Kamil Gryc like a bolt of blue. It’s been more than a month since the recent events, when Julia (Marta Chudorovska) sets a date with Magda to finally break the downward spiral of Andrzej’s lies. But she changed her mind at the last minute. Now, after a few weeks, Julia’s pregnancy will become more advanced, and the news about the baby will spread among Budzyński’s friends. Adam Werner (Jacek Kopczyński) will tell Anita that she is pregnant, and Camille will be informed almost immediately.

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Kamel will not remove in episode 1669 “M jak miłość” Andrzej from Julia

In vain, in the 1669 episode “M jak miłość”, Kamel will try to remove Andrzej from Julia, and take up his case, so as not to meet Malika in court. Budzyński would not agree to such a solution. Grek will be angry because Magda’s husband is still in a relationship with his girlfriend. – Fuck you idiot! – Kamil will be upset when he comes home, and Anita will notice that he is losing control of himself. – Who and why? Where have you ever been? – I wanted to convince Andrei to give me the case, do you know which one? But he does not want to part with Julia …

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Anita in episode 1669 “M jak miłość” will tell Kamel about Julia’s pregnancy

Anita in the 1669 episode “M jak miłość” will think that things have gone too far, and that, as Magda’s friends, they can no longer lie to her. It is enough for Budzyński to cheat as much as possible and meet Julia in secret. – I should have told Magda right away. It was a mistake. She has a right to know that…the longer we wait, the worse she survives, the more she feels sorry for us. Besides, everything will be over soon anyway. It is only a matter of time.

– Are you even talking about that? – Complete bleaching, still unaware of the consequences of Andrzej’s betrayal. However, Grek’s reaction won’t stop Anita from revealing the truth. Werner exploded. Julia is pregnant…

Budzyński’s problems in the 1669 episode “M jak miłość” will affect Anita and Camille

During the next meeting with Andrzej in episode 1669 “M jak miłość”, Kamel will make him feel how much he despise him! Julia’s pregnancy, Andrzej’s betrayal, and the constant lying to Magda will all affect the relationships of Camille and Anita, who will find themselves in an unprofitable position. Both will have a different approach to how to behave. Anita will be convinced that Magda must learn the whole truth, but Camille will still fear for her friend’s sick heart.

– Camille, I don’t want us to argue about this whole thing… – Anita will confess, when in the 1669 episode “M jak miłość” with Kamil they will go to the Budzyński family’s home to Grabina. There they will witness how Magda’s love for her unfaithful husband blossoms, and how Andrei tries to rid himself of guilt by playing the role of a wonderful loving partner. – me too. It is enough for Andrei to spoil his relationship. I do not want … – Gryc will provide.

m like love. Andrei finally confesses to Magda his treason. He’ll get paternity test results, and there’s no turning back

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