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M jak miłość Episode 1674. Magda will make sure Andrei betrays her! A drunken Budzyński will ask the most important question and leave him

M jak miłość Episode 1674. Magda will make sure Andrei betrays her!  A drunken Budzyński will ask the most important question and leave him

Section “M jak miłość” 1674 – Monday, October 3, 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

Finally, in the 1674 episode “M jak miłość”, the moment will come when Magda will be certain that Andrzej had betrayed her, and that she was right about her suspicion that Budzyńsky’s increasingly bizarre behavior was the result of betrayal, and an attempt to strangle her. Regret! It is also known how Magda finds out about Andrzej’s infidelity, although before the unfaithful Budzyński confesses everything, his wife will expect his confession. It was as if in the 1674 episode “M jak miłość” she didn’t want to hear her beloved man tell her right in her eyes that he had slept with another woman, and that Julia was now pregnant with him.

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Andre and Julia will quarrel over Magda in the 1674 episode “M jak miłość”.

The crucial conversation with Budzyńskis in the 1674 episode “M jak miłość” will take place after Andrzej drinks in a bar, and before that he argues with Julia, because she’ll start pressuring her to tell Magda the truth. According to ś, Budzyński’s lover will accuse him of postponing the inevitable, that his marriage will collapse anyway, and he should think mainly of their child.

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Drunk Andrzej in episode 1674 There will be no time to tell Magda about the betrayal “M jak miłość”

Drunk Andrzej in the 1674 episode “M jak miłość” no longer withstands pressure, life in a lie. He will call Magda from the bar and tell them they need to talk seriously. But Magda will already know what, she will guess that Andrzej cheated on her, that Julia is his lover, and everyone, including her husband, initially deceived her that Kamil (Marcin Boussac) was the one who slept with Mallika in a delegation at the hotel.

Before Budzyński, drunk with alcohol, in the 1674 episode “M jak miłość” confesses to infidelity, Magda will ask him the most important question – whether he still loves her and wants to be with her. – Andrzej, before we start talking, I just want to know one thing. Say – do you love me? – A lover who can barely stand on his feet with his head bowed will ask. – Like everyone else in the world – Budzyński will answer, quoted from ś

And you still want to be with me?

Magda betrayed in episode 1674 “M jak miłość” You won’t want to listen to Andrzej’s subtitles

– Magda.. how do you ask about her.. listen.. – He will ask Andrzej and will want to approach his wife, but in the 1674 episode “M jak miłość” Magda will suddenly protest. She wouldn’t let her husband say anything else.

– No, I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to continue this conversation. And please, let’s not go back to this again. Good afternoon… – Magda will finish talking quickly, then in episode 1674 “M jak miłość” she will silence her husband in the office. In the middle of the night, Magda will sneak up to meet Bowie (Rafael Mrugic). He will leave drunk and sleep alone.

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m like love. Andrei finally confesses to Magda his treason. He will get paternity test results, and there will be no turning back

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