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M jak miłość Episode 1677. Julia’s Lie during an Ultrasound Examination of the Baby’s Father! Andrzej . will show it

M jak miłość Episode 1677. Julia's Lie during an Ultrasound Examination of the Baby's Father!  Andrzej . will show it

“M jak miłość” Section 1677 – Tuesday, 10/11/2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

In the 1677 episode “M jak miłość”, Julia will receive another signal from Andrzej that he does not want to be the father of her child! He would not accept that Budzyński would reject her again, and that he would not agree to go with her for a follow-up ultrasound at the gynecologist. It will be a few more months until Julia gives birth, but seeing one motherhood without a lover by your side will become more and more real for her. Andrei will appear Julia in the 1677 episode “M jak miłość”, because he will experience separation from Magda a lot.Who already knows about treason, but still does not know who Budzyński slept with, or that Julia is pregnant with him! No wonder that in these dramatic moments Andrzej won’t think about Julia or the baby, or even about repeat paternity teststhis time alone to make sure that Mallicka frames his pregnancy.

The only Julia in the 1677 episode “M jak miłość” will not swallow the bitterness of failure. However, during a visit to the doctor, he will begin to lie about the father of the child. However, the gynecologist will notice that there is something wrong with the patient, namely that she is depressed. – Are you well? – yes I’m fine …

– surely? Did you come alone to check?

– The father of the child could not quit work …

– it is a pity. Building the father-child relationship is very important right from the start. I am still pregnant. Recent studies show that this has a positive effect on the father’s commitment to postpartum care – The doctor will get her attention.

In the 1677 episode “M jak miłość”, Julia will not confirm that the child’s father is Andrzej, the married lover who She drags him to bed and he is completely drunk, and the poor man doesn’t even remember if they had sex at all.. The only person for whom Julia will believe that Budzyński does not want her, and that she is no longer interested in her child, will be her friend Sylvia (Hana Tornau).

I saw that the doctor was so surprised that I came on my own for this checkup…Fuck, what else could you know! You looked at me with such regret. She gave me a lecture on how to build a father-child relationship. cheeky! What was I supposed to tell her? Sit in this office, cry and talk about my love story? But people are like that, curious … Well, she will have to tell her something, and answer these stupid questions. I have to make some copies for people. I can handle it, right? I am a very talented and brilliant lawyer – Julia will tell her friend, as if already in the 1677 episode “M jak miłość” she was planning to dump Andrzej even more.

m like love. Magda will receive a painful blow from Kinga. You will discover that she was aware of Andrzej’s betrayal. He will arrange a confrontation in the Chancellery

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