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M jak miłość, Episode 1678: Franca will see his son and destroy the Wiki family’s happiness. Will Adam find out that Zduńska is his mother? – Pictures

M jak miłość, odcinek 1678: Franka zobaczy swojego syna i zniszczy szczęście Lewickich. Adam dowie się, że to Zduńska jest jego matką? - ZDJĘCIA

Section “M jak miłość” 1678 – Monday, October 17, 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

Franca’s meeting with her son in the 1678 episode “M jak miłość” will take place thanks to her uncle Zduńska. Jędrzej Gutowski (Piotr Majerczyk) with Highlander will give a concert in Warsaw, where Marta and Karol Lewicki will appear with their son Adam. Earlier, Uncle Frankie was warning her that special guests would appear at his performance in the capital – the family of his neighbors from Bukovina.And the Lewicki, who many years ago immigrated to New York and settled there. Of course, Gutowski would have no idea that Franca is the biological mother of their 10-year-old son, The 19-year-old became a surrogate for the Wiki family, and made a contract with them that she would disappear from their lives after giving birth. once and for all.

Franca’s dream of meeting her son will come true in episode 1678 “M jak miłość”

Franka, in contrast to arrangements with the Loecki family, decided in the 1678 episode “M jak miłość” to see Adam, even from a distance. According to, she will trust Pawe that it is her greatest dream to meet her son, that she cannot forget the child, that she can deal with the idea that Adam is so close, and she does not even know what the boy she gave her looks like. life. – I just denied it. But now, when they spoke to me, suddenly, after so many years, it all struck me with double force. Somewhere my son lives, and I do not communicate with him. And now the Loeke family comes here…

Franca will meet her son in the 1678 episode “M jak miłość” under strange circumstances

During Frank’s concert in the 1678 episode “M jak miłość” she will avoid the Wiki family so they don’t recognize her. But she was looking for Adam the whole time. Fate will make her meet her son in the toilet. The 10-year-old will notice her sitting on the stairs. Naturally, Zduńska would speak to Adam, but in short she would not mention that she was his mother.

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Suddenly, in the 1678 episode “M jak miłość”, Marta Luica appears, taking her son away from his real mother. And Carol Lewicki would guess that Franca had come to the party on purpose and would directly accuse her of breaching the terms of the contract, an oath she took in the church soon after birth, which Adam would never know existed.

Franca’s son’s parents in the 1678 episode “M jak miłość” will prevent her from getting close to Adam.

What are you doing? We made a deal, agreed to walk away! Adam does not guess anything! Why do you want to destroy our lives? – He’ll ask Wiki straight from the bridge.

I just wanted … – Franca will explain, but in the 1678 episode “M jak miłość” the adoptive father will firmly declare to her son that there is nothing to look for in his family. – You won’t go back in time, there’s nothing you can do! Adam is our son! Please, I beg you – don’t come back to us again! You hear it will never happen again! – Desperate Lewicki will say. Pawe will get into the action in the 1678 episode “M jak miłość”, in which she will defend Franca, and will face her son’s father And he will declare to Carol that he and Martha have no right to treat her that way after what she did for them.

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