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M jak miłość, Episode 1685: Jacob’s Last Death Order! Only Marcin can do that – video

M jak miłość, Episode 1685: Jacob's Last Death Order!  Only Marcin can do that - video

Section “M jak miłość” 1685 – Monday, November 14, 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

In the 1685 episode “M jak miłość”, Jacob will begin treatment in connection with the leukemia he has been diagnosed with, Cassia promised. Karsky will decide to fight to the end, but on the other hand, he will realize that death is really close, and he may lose this battle, so he decides to secure himself. Immediately after the diagnosis is made Jacob met with a notary and wrote a will in which he transferred all his property to KasiaIn order to secure his fiancée financially, but in the 1685 episode “M jak miłość” he will have one more thing to do, which only Marcin can ask!

In 1685, the episode “M jak miłość” Jacob will play a strong man in front of Cassia and will not show his girlfriend that he is afraid of death. Only with Marcin Karski will really open up and be able to say what is really in his heart …

– Marcin.. the doctors told me I should be happy, believe it… but you know anything can happen Jacob will start, but his words will quickly anger Marcin.

– Winnie, do you want to piss me off? The friend will ask, not even accepting the idea that Karsky might die.

– no. I want to ask you about something. very important thing. I can? – He will explain in the 1685 episode “M jak miłość”.

In the 1685 episode “M jak miłość”, Marcin will try with all his might to support his friend and drive out bad thoughts from him, but Jacob will know his thoughts. Therefore, without outwitting the bush, he will ask Chodakowski one last favor – to take care of Cassia after his possible death …

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– Jacob, but all this will work, you will see … – Marcin will start to reassure him.

– Let’s get over it, don’t make me go back to that nativity scene again. We both know what it is… and how it can be. Only you can ask for it. Take care of Cassia. Swear to me that you will take care of her for the rest of your life and never let anything bad happen to her Jacob will ask, and Marcin will throw himself in his arms.

Of course, in the 1685 episode “M jak miłość,” Chodakowski would agree to Karski’s proposal and promise that he would take care of Cassia. Jacob will get a real stone from his heart, but it will reach Marcin at the moment that he can lose his really close friend and that he will not be able to do anything …

– I swear, brother – Chodakowski promised.

– Thanks… a heart stone. you are a good friend. Thank you very much Karsky admits.

M jak miłość, Episode 1685: The terminally ill Jakub’s last request! Marcin will do it in the name of friendship – video

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