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M jak miłość Episode 1687. Magda will be leaving her hometown after a night with Andrzej thanks to Barbara! She is the one who will find her new guardian

M jak miłość, odcinek 1687: Magda po nocy z Andrzejem przestanie już za nim płakać! Barbara przygarnie ją do siebie

Section “M jak miłość” 1687 – Monday, November 21, 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

Magda and Andrzej in the 1687 episode “M jak miłość” won’t get back together yet, but they will miss each other so much that the Budzyńskis’ reconciliation seems only a matter of time. After a passionate kiss, a joint night back homeThen, Andrzej will go to Warsaw, and Magda will gain the strength to finally get up, fight for herself, her future, and start over. At the moment, she is away from her husband, but with the massive support of her lover who After all, he declared that he would do anything to get her backShe will forgive him for his betrayal and a child with Julia (Marta Chudorovska).

Magda’s first important decision will be to open a guest house for guests back home! Thanks to a loan from Kamel (Marcin Bossac) and money, which is Already in the 1686 episode it will be given “M jak miłość” by Andrzej From their joint bank account, this dream will slowly begin to come true. After Budzyński left Grabina In the 1687 episode “M jak miłość” Magda will officially receive the first guests of the guesthouse – Kinga (Katarzina Šikobec) and Buterik (Marcin Mrusic), I will thank them for not leaving her in the worst of suffering. And give them a bottle of wine!

Magda in episode 1687 “M jak miłość” will finally stop living like a hermit

Thanks my best friend. For everything you’ve done for me. For every help, conversation, phone. To drop everything and take care of me when I was in the deepest hole… – Magda will tell Kenja and Petrik in the 1687 episode “M jak miłość”. On that day there will be no tears for Andrew. She will also leave the house, and she will leave the abode that has been her refuge from the whole world for several days.

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Barbara will find in the 1687 episode “M jak miłość” the comforter and guardian of Magda

– I’m on vacation today. I’ve been sitting here like a hermit for a long time. Your bedroom is now ready. You are my first and only guests so far, so no one will disturb you your perfect romantic restU – will add. In the 1687 episode “M jak miłość”, Magda will accept Barbara’s invitation, which she will receive. A visit to the home of the Al-Mustawaq family would be a nice break for Magda from her troubles. You will also find an elder in the family Magda provides extra support, an exceptional caregiver, who will be her grandson Łukasz (Jakub Józefowicz), Budzyńska’s stepson.

m like love. Anna reveals the location of Magda’s last scene in the series! amazing views

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