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m like love. Julia and Magda meet after parting ways with Budzyński. A mysterious character will appear that no one expects – pictures

m like love.  Julia and Magda meet after parting ways with Budzyński.  A mysterious character will appear that no one expects - pictures

Meeting Julia and Magda after Budzyński’s split in “M jak miłość” will be a real nightmare!

Apparently Magda in “M jak miłość” will find out about Andrzej’s betrayal, or perhaps even admit it himself?! So far, it is not clear how this will actually happen, but the breakup of Andrei and Magda will soon become a sad reality.. It is Kinga (Katarzina Sichubek) who will prove to be Magda’s greatest support in this terrible situation. Budzyńska will take refuge in the habitat. She does not want to see the traitor’s husband. Kinga revealed some secrets of the “M jak miłość” plan and presented a script piece from the upcoming episodes! It is easy to notice that the script contains a scene of Julia, Magda, and Kinga meeting back home. Not only that, this information was confirmed by Anna Mucha, who revealed the behind-the-scenes recording of “M jak miłość” with Marta Chodorowska, Julia’s series. You can see that the makeup artist is trying to make the actress look sad And she cries, because in the scene she will play she has to come to Budzyńska disabled.

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A mysterious character in “M jak miłość”. What is his relationship with Julia and Magda?

Katarzyna تشيikobec showed the script “M jak miłość”, which also shows that during Julia and Magda’s meeting, they will be accompanied by the mysterious character of Nadia (Mira Varenjok). Unfortunately, the series Zduńska did not want to reveal who exactly Nadia will be in “M jak miłość” and what this has to do with the meeting of Julia and Magda … However, you can guess that she is in one of the scenes for a reason.

Viewers of “M jak miłość” will have to be patient, because the script shown by Kinga concerns very distant episodes. At the moment, Magda does not know about the betrayal yet, but it will change soon. It is interesting what the book came up with regarding the new character of Nadia and who Malika or Podziska would be. Since Julia will appear back home in Grabina in such a terrible state, she is unlikely to be happy with Andrzej.

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