September 22, 2021

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m like love.  Matthews will be your new level!  He will replace Krystian Domagała - PHOTOS

m like love. Matthews will be your new level! He will replace Krystian Domagała – PHOTOS

Author: MTL Maxfilm
m like love. Matthews will be your new level! He will replace Krystian Domagała

Mateusz Mostojak from “M jak miłość” will have a completely different face! At the end of last season, “M jak miłość”, Krystian Domagała left the series, and his protagonist Grabina left, cutting off contact with his family. Already in the 1595 episode “M jak miłość” a new Matthew will appear after the holiday. When the Mistowak family mourns the disappearance of Matthews, and Barbara (Teresa Lipusca) feels the death of her grandson, a young man will appear who steals Mostoyak’s identity and clothes and pretends to be Matthews. See what the actor who will replace Domagała looks like in “M jak miłość”.

“M jak miłość” 1595 episode after the holidays – Monday, 6.09.2021, 20.55 on TVP2

What happened to Mateusz your level in “M jak miłość”? The start of the new season of “M jak miłość” in the 1595 episode of The Grabina’s missing person’s family will be very dramatic. The police throughout Poland will take part in the search for Matthews, as well as at the special request of Barbara, Detective Marcin Chudakovsky (Mikowaj Rosnersky). Many days have passed since the disappearance of the young man, Levelak, but neither the head of the family nor any of her relatives will know what happened to the 20-year-old, who was betrayed by his wife Lilaka (Monica Melnica). In the house of the level There will be mourning, too, because in the 1595 episode “M jak miłość”, Barbara will begin to predict the death of Matthews. Even Marek (Kacper Kuszewski) will return to Poland, but he won’t find his only son either!

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When, in the 1595 episode “M jak miłość,” the Mostowiak family will mourn the fate of Matthews, a young man deceptively resembling Marek’s son appears at a hotel in Wroclaw under mysterious circumstances. In your level jacket, with a hat covering his face and a slight scruff, he’d look almost like Barbara’s missing grandson.

Will Matthews be new to ‘M jak miłość’ with a different face, who will replace Christian Domagaga? Since the 20-year-old actor left “M jak miłość” this spring and will not play in the series for a long time, his place in the cast of the new season will be taken by a new hero, Suspect. Oscar Zich (played by Christian Shepherd), as Matthews! However, the hotel receptionist in the 1595 episode “M jak miłość” would notice a distinct tattoo on the guest’s hand, and Mostowiak had never had one before.

– Mr. Mateus, your level… the room will be ready in a little while. Would you like to wait a moment longer? literally three minutes – The receptionist will greet him and give him his ID card, but Matthews will not answer a word.

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Already in the 1595 episode “M jak miłość” after the holidays in 2021, it becomes clear that Oskar Zich has your level documents, clothes, backpack and may have stolen Matthews’ identity! What will happen next to the lost son of Mark? Not yet known! Only in “M jak miłość” will it be clear in the fall where Matthews is and whether he is still alive at all.

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Who is Christian Shepherd, who will be the new Matthews Mostoyak in “M jak miłość”?

21-year-old Christian Shepherd is a talented actress who joined the cast of “M jak miłość” a few months ago. Before that, he had not appeared in any series, so viewers definitely did not know him on TV. The production of “M jak miłość” keeps the plot of the suspect Oscar, who will pretend to be Matthews. Krystian Shepherd does not have an Instagram or Facebook account, so little is known about his private life.

The new actor from “M jak miłość” is represented by the acting agency SKENE. We read on her website that Christian Shepherd has many skills and talents, but that he has never played anywhere before. He only participated in theater lessons at the Och-Teatr.