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m like love. Wojtuś complete transformation! Fans have noticed one detail about the 14-year-old

Wojtuś musiał odejść z M jak miłość. 14-letni Feliks Matecki już tak nie wygląda. Ale wydoroślał! – ZDJĘCIA

Do you remember Vojtek from “M jak miłość”? But Felix Mateke has grown up!

“M jak miłość” fans were very worried when Wojtek had to leave the series. The son of Maigosia and Tomek had a bright future ahead! The boy grew up without a mother who fled to the United States and a father who died tragically, but he was a very wise young man. Lugto had an especially good relationship with Mikhao, a writer who is in love with Joasia. However, Pawe Deląg, who played Ostrowski, left the series just before the Kurdej-Satan scandal broke, so when the worst happened, young Chodakowski was orphaned again. Naturally, Felix Mateke said goodbye to the series that was put on and disappeared from the media for some time. Now the young star has appeared on his Instagram profile and it must be admitted that he admires how the boy grew up – See the photo gallery!

Wojtuś from “M jak miłość” is indeed a man!

Wojtuś joined “M jak miłość” when he was 7 years old, and is now a 14-year-old high school student. I have to admit he changed amazingly and from a cute boy In an almost adult man – check it out in the photo gallery!

Wojtek from “M jak miłość” hasn’t stopped working after his break with the Mostowiaków family saga and has starred in as many as two feature films. Felix Mateke can be seen on the big screen in two productions of 2022: “Orlęta. Grodno’39” and “8 Things You Don’t Know About Guys”.

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Heat is coming…#summer vacation Felix Mateky described his latest Instagram photo. Wojtusz fans of “M jak miłość” noticed one detail right away!

but you grew up

– ❤️❤️❤️

– 🔥🔥

– Come on, that’s right, greetings to a great boy

Vojtek’s return to “M jak miłość” is possible?

I wonder how Wojciech’s fate will turn out in the movie “M jak miłość”. Will he become like Tom and follow in his father’s footsteps, becoming a policeman? Will the teenager find happiness in love? Unfortunately, at the moment nothing indicates that the Wojtek series will continue in production. And would you like to see how the lone Wojtuś will cope in life?

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Should Wojtuś return to “M jak miłość”?

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