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m the end of love. Tragedy in Zduńskis! Kinga will ask for help, but it will be too late. Not going to save Butrik! – Trailer for a movie

Koniec M jak miłość. Tragedia u Zduńskich! Kinga wezwie pomoc, ale będzie już za późno. Nie uratuje Piotrka! - ZWIASTUN

Author: vod tvp
m the end of love. Tragedy in Zduńskis! Kinga will ask for help, but it will be too late. Not going to save Butrik! – Trailer for a movie

In the 1594 episode “M jak miłość” Kinga (Katarzyna تشيikobec) finds himself in a tragic situation. Having been attacked by a thief, she manages to break free thanks to the intervention of Piotrek (Marcin Mroczek), who will bravely fight for his wife. But Zduński will become a physically weaker opponent and will be hit hard by a thug! Kinga will loudly call for help, but Piotrik will terribly lie on the ground and be defeated. Watch what will happen to Zduński’s nightmare at the end of “M jak miłość” – Trailer!

“M jak miłość” 1594 episode, final episode before the holiday – Monday, May 31, 2021, at 20.55 on TVP2

In the 1594 episode “M jak miłość”, the kind heart of the Zduńskis will expose them to a terrible attack by the degenerate! When they come to the gastronomic warehouse to open the renovated Kinga Bistro, they will hear the wounded pet moan. They will quickly find a dog tied to a tree in a potato sack on its head. With a little thought, Kinga and Piotrek will slay the animal, but when they start walking away with the dog, their aggressive owner will attack them.

What a bastard would do such a thing! – will say Bewtrek, free the animal from the sack and ligaments.

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And in an instant, in the 1594 episode “M jak miłość”, a thug will emerge from the ground and immediately appear Zduński in charge. The owner of the dog will be twice the size of the Biotric and will immediately attack!

Leave him alone! – Thieves roar to Kinga and Butrek.

Is this your dog? we will! I’m calling the police! Did you know that there are penalties for animal abuse? – Zduński will fight.

He’s my dog ​​and I’ll do whatever I want with him! I don’t care about your paragraphs! Bring it back to me! – And he’ll start tearing the dog away from Kinga

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Koniec M jak miłość, trailer from episode 1594: Matthews disappears from the series! Bowie’s strange association with Frank. Serious accident for Kinga and Butrik

M for Love, Episode 1594: Kinga (Katarzyna Chikobec), Butrek (Marcin Mrusic)
Author: vod tvp

M for Love, Episode 1594: Piotrick (Marcin Mrusic), Bandit (Sergius Wollack)
Author: tvp / vod

Piotrek will immediately respond in the 1594 episode “M jak miłość” to his wife’s injury and will fight the heavy attacker. In a dramatic fight, the thug will not watch whether he beats a man or a woman, but thanks to Piotrek Kingga’s brave attitude, he will finally be able to break free.

Help! Help! Kinga will start screaming desperately at strangers across the street.

Unfortunately, at this time, in the 1594 episode “M jak miłość”, Piotrek will be badly beaten – no one will have time to tear the thug from him! In general, the gentlemen on the street will not rush to help, and when they begin to walk towards the Zduńska scream, the bandit will have time to escape.

Kinga will drive her husband home, because Zdunsky won’t even want to hear about the hospital. Will he be seriously hurt? Surely there will be nothing to collect from his glasses, and in the end “M jak miłość” will again slap terribly …

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M for Love, Episode 1594: Biotrek (Marcin Mrojic), Kinga (Katarzyna Cichobek)
Author: tvp / vod

M for Love, Episode 1594: Piotrik (Marcin Mrojic), Kinga (Katarzyna Sichubek), Bandits (Sergius Wollack)
Author: tvp / vod

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