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Ma³gorzata Rozenek and Rados³aw Majdan in modern style. The show is stolen from the graceful legs of “perfection.” But the pins!

Ma³gorzata Rozenek and Rados³aw Majdan in modern style.  The show is stolen from the graceful legs of "perfection."  But the pins!

on Sunday Małgorzata Rozenek Radosław Majdan was the guest of the program “Good morning TVN.” Both focused on modern style, but it was “perfection” that stole the entire show. Małgorzata combined a colorful mini dress with a blue jacket and showcased her graceful legs. Effect? Fabulous.

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Rosenc and Majdan with a bold style. The show was stolen by Małgorzata’s graceful bartender

Małgorzata Rozenek has proven several times that she is well acquainted with it trends. The star carefully chooses her clothes, and her style is detailed by fans and the media. Before performing Sunday in “Good morning.” the television“She must have seen her well WardrobeBecause it presented itself admirably. Her husband, the former goalkeeper, accompanied her Radoslaw glorified.

Rozenek chose a mix of colorful mini skirts and oversized jackets in shades of blue. Plus, it’s got access to jewelry and sunglasses big and small money bag And sandals on pin, Thanks to which she emphasized the shape and slender legs. He chose the field of elegance. Choose a white and blue shirt, a navy blue jacket, and light trousers.

Rosenick, MajdanRosenick, Majdan come in. AKPA

Małgorzata Rozenek’s stream has been very tight lately. Some time ago she made her debut on TVN with her new show “Rozenek cudnie chudnie” i She created her own brand of Ms. Garment. drama. In the studio “Dzień dobry TVN” she spoke about her role in the romantic comedy “The Second Half”.

I play a sports journalist, a friend of the main character, who has a huge influence on his heart decisions. I did my best. There would be more of this story, and maybe Radosław could appear as well, were it not for the pandemic that frustrated our plans – Ma قالgorzata Rozenek said

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The captured images can be seen immediately after display in the program in our gallery above the text. How do you like this version of Małgorzata?

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