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Maciej Kurzajewski completes another woman on air of “Questions for Breakfast”. Take a look at MINE by Kasia Cichopek (Photos)

Maciej Kurzajewski completes another woman on air of "Questions for Breakfast".  Take a look at MINE by Kasia Cichopek (Photos)

Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski are currently one of the most exciting couples in the Polish show business. On her 40th birthday, the “Questions for Breakfast” presenter confirmed the speculation that had been circulating for months and it was revealed that she was meeting Korzajoski. The couple got out thanks to a little ‘help’ Paulina SmashWhich unexpectedly greeted her with Cichopek’s birthday, in which she stated that she was glad Maciej took her to Israel.

For those who fall in love there is nothing else to do but reveal themselves, and that everyone should know they have one more thing in common – the producers of Questions for Breakfast took care of. Katie And the mage Because they got together from their vacation travels and gave their kiss on vision to the whole of Poland.

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Now the spouses please each other not only in life, but also on the air – they still lead the “Breakfast Question” together. Recently, lovers presented their skills on the dance floor, devoting themselves to the sensual rhythms of bachata.

On Tuesday, they were chatting with an invited facial massage therapist. After the conversation, Maciej Kurzajewski decided to compliment the invited expert, avoiding her kind words.

I have to say again, you look great, beautiful, really, great, thank you very much Kurzajewski marveled.

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Baeza loves Kurzaica more than she loves her, oh she’ll cry on the cover of FIFA

The romance will be over soon, haha

Kaśka, you will wake up in fairy tales sooner than you think.

Kaika dared to bet on a new love. I like that, I wouldn’t be able to do that.

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The puppy is just like you, you see your stranger, you don’t respect him

Come on, smile. You might think so, too. And by the way… Somehow I don’t think Korzyk will be with her for long. You may regret this change. The husband loved her and stared at her. Here, when the routine comes, it seems to me that K. will change the object of his sighs. I may be wrong

I wish everyone indifferent and unconditional love

Praising another woman in front of your loved one is by no means comfortable, it’s very insulting, but luckily it works both ways lol

This is how you criticize the Chishops and are they themselves perfect? What face was it meant to be? It is important that she “made an effort and showed a good face to a bad match”, which of you would like your partner to praise the beauty of another woman, especially in her presence. How often do you smile? I wonder if your criticism of her as a woman was out of pure jealousy? Are you jealous because you found another? Who would you rather be Cichopek or Smaszcz in this case (her behavior for the last time is not very rational). She divorced, and this is a grudge against her ex-husband that he is not good, and does not leave the topic. I think if he asked her: “Come back to me” she would jump, and she would seem to “grow up” and act like a little girl.

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I understand they have different arrangements in life, but to make it a spectacle designed to gain popularity at any cost, they are bottom, silt and seaweed

Everyone can see what Kasia looks like and there’s no point in complimenting an ordinary girl

In any 10 years, or maybe less, it will be abandoned because if the mother tries once younger, he will not stop, and as he gets older he will look more and more younger 40 years, it is not enough for something to move!

I will also be sorry if the new man in my presence is interested in the beauty of another woman. And you can say that I zakompleksiona. Maybe I am.

After all, Maciej kurzajewski is a good Babiarz. As soon as he sees a charming woman, drooling, you can always see him.

They organize a private party on TV, and it can only happen on TVP. The viewers of this station should raise a protest

That fake in his blood you can see that he has a fake smile

She sacrificed her family for this poor romance. He will see his eyes quickly.

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