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Maciej Kurzajewski flees Poland. Kasia Cichopek was left alone. TVP is full of gossip

Maciej Kurzajewski flees Poland.  Kasia Cichopek was left alone.  TVP is full of gossip

Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski It caused quite a stir in the media for weeks. All of course because of a passionate love story.

It turns out that these two got close to each other some time ago. Paulina Smaszcz even claims that the romance has been going on since 2019, when they met on the set of “Czaru par”.

When Kurzajewski’s ex-wife started commenting on Kasia’s Instagram, Cichopek and Kurzajewski finally decided on it. It’s time to announce to the world that they are already together.

They soon received strong support from the chief of “PnŚ”, who declared that “love is the most important” and that the romance of its staff would not interfere with their careers in Woronica. exactly the contrary…

Kasia and Maciej quickly got back to running the breakfast room, contributing to the show’s viewership increase. It is not difficult to guess that the head of the “Questions …” would be ready to fill them every day. However, it turns out that “Kurzopki” will completely disappear from the antenna for some time!

All because of the plans of Maciek, who confirmed on his Instagram that he has been leaving Poland for some time …

The journalist travels to the United States to participate in the New York Marathon – running has been his big passion for years. For this reason, he decided to participate in the next competition. Unfortunately, she will leave her lover for a while, making her a straw widow.

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In addition – as reported by the “Super Express” – Korzagosky will disappear from the “Breakfast Questions”, but it is not known whether Kasia will get a new partner or will have to wait for her lover to return …

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