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Maciej Musia³ standing with dad. The fans know him well. “Wow, I didn’t know!”

Maciej Musia³ standing with dad.  The fans know him well.  "Wow, I didn't know!"

Maciej Musiał He willingly uploads photos with his loved ones on the web. On his Instagram profile, there were already photos of his mother, who is his manager, or his beloved grandfather. However, photos with my parents are rare. For Father’s Day, the actor made an exception and also posted it.

He must have a new girlfriend, but his mom hasn’t met her yet

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Maciej Musiał with his father. Fans were surprised

Two black and white photos appeared in the actor’s profile, where we can admire Maciej and his father Andrei. The photos come from a joint photo session and were taken by Damian Nozkovic. The photographer perfectly presented the bond between two men. You can also see that Maciej and his father had a lot of fun during the session. However, the photo gallery also includes photos from years ago, which were taken shortly after Maciej was born. His father held him in his lap and smiled gently into the lens.

Father. My biggest manager – Maciej Musiał Books.

Zofia ZborowskaZofia Zborowska showed a cradle for her daughter. An unexpected visitor is inside

Internet users did not hide their astonishment. Due to the fact that Maciej appears his father very rarely, not everyone was aware that Andrzej Musiał is also a famous actor and that Maciej inherited his talent from him.

Wow, I didn’t know!

The father in “Psy” gave the acting shot!

He’s a **** actor and maybe a father.

Your father played only “Psy” from Mr. Pasikowski. Respect – fans commented on the photo.

The role in Psy was not the only role of Andrei Musiał. He also played in such productions as: “Little Wolves 1/2”, “Sam Among His Own”, “The Witcher”, “Różyczka” or “Vulture”. He also has many roles in Series And on theatrical boards. Notably, he is no longer related to Maciej’s mother. The couple divorced in 2014 after twenty years of marriage. Maciej was in contact with his father all the time, but their relationship did not quite fit the father and son model.

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