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Maciej Musiał straining his chest in Ibiza! Fan Courtesy: “ALE DZIK” (Photo)

Maciej Musiał straining his chest in Ibiza!  Fan Courtesy: "ALE DZIK" (Photo)

Maciej Musiał it’s next to mafashion if Ewa Minji One of the participants in the new version of the show Boyar Castle. The first two episodes of the format are scheduled to premiere on Friday, September 9th.

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The material was recorded some time ago, until now not shiny Maybe some rest. Is it so? For several days he was vacationing on the most festive of the Spanish islands – Ibiza.

On Friday evening, the actor decided to share with the Instagram audience of over half a million A few shots from the holiday. In addition to the video from the club, the video of jumping from a raft in the water and a selfie with the ice, he showed a photo that, as usual, stimulated the imagination of the followers. It is, of course, about The picture he poses without a shirt.

Of course, Musial’s latest release has been full of comments.

What a handsome man!; hot; Oh, wow; Oh, what a box; What a pig! – Internet users enchanted writing.

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His friend must be happy

Maciek is 🌈 like Kinga

A cool boy with values. I love it and that’s it!

Well, what is the point of this article?

Recent Comments (78)

I saw him recently in Kentucky on Wawa. Not my type at all.

Went with testosterone or other anabolic substances that convert into estrogen. This can be seen from the overgrowth of glandular tissue and the oval shape of the nipples. In his old age he will have what are called female nipples.

Ibiza is a wonderful island 🙂

Qczaj 2. Return of Pocket Hercules

Maciej likely attends the same parish as Tomek, Robert and Jacek. They are always happy to stand by the closet.

I was also in Ibiza on the east coast and coves, peace and relaxation and every half hour boat to Ibiza, the capital of Ibiza. It must have been crazy about the West Coast, the hub of clubs, the craziness and nightlife…guys…

Good chest, any actor.

It started with the ladies and ended with the gentlemen echhh

I hate how people walk around the shops in swimwear/swim trunks. It’s a beach outfit!!!

Its height is not 160 cm and its weight is not more than 50 kg. I saw him live. If I had a runny nose, I would have killed it with blisters.

Oh Jesus Maria, how elegant. He’s not tall, but he has something that makes me sexy when I look at him

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