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Maciej Stuhr changed in nominations for Eagles 2022 (photos)

Maciej Stuhr changed in nominations for Eagles 2022 (photos)

the EaglesSometimes called the “Polish Academy Awards”, these are the most prestigious awards awarded by the Polish Film Academy since 1999. Currently, they are awarded in seventeen categories, and in each category there are from two to six nominees.

This year, the nominees were selected from among 71 films. Among them was “Back to Those Days” directed by Konrad Aksenovich. It is a story about a Polish family, set in the reality of the nineties Struggling with alcoholism one of its members.

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in turn addicted to you, Who, after years of emigration, returns from the United States and gives his loved ones hell, becomes reincarnated Message Store. On screen, he shares it, among others Weronika Książkiewicz and Katarzyna Warnke.

representative of this performance Nominated for Eagles 2022 in the “Best Male Lead Role” category. Rivals in the fight for the bust are Piotr Głowacki (“president”), Jacek Brassack (“My Wonderful Life”), Robert Więckiewicz (“Wedding”) and Tomas Zeitek (“There shall be no trace”).

On Wednesday, a press conference was held in Warsaw with the participation of the nominees for this year’s Eagles Prize. Maciej Stuhr appeared on him in a new version – With a shaven head and a thick stubble beard. Moreover, the actor Arrived on crutchesBut he stood on the wall without them.

Hey “Cheb Store” it’s not like that anymore 😉

I don’t watch anything with this guy

The party of mutual love and television. Let’s be frank. Do not cheer up.

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Betrayal and humiliation greatly affected his psyche and increased the amount of poison he breathed. I will never forgive him for publicly mocking the victims of the Smolensk tragedy. Now, who is he like in the face of another war tragedy?

A great actor, especially a great person, as a human being 🙂 Brilliant and intelligent. I love his sense of humor and his distance to the world. All the best, Mr. Maciej!!!

Today in the company, I received a message that Taybeh eggs were contaminated with salmonella imported from Belgium

Eagles hawks pheasant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Do not eat the good eggs poisoned by salmonella….

Gąsawski? leben? dad?

For God’s sake, Lenin


11 minutes ago

The Mutual Adoration Society gives each other meaningless rewards

Another insurgency emerged from the Golan Heights

How does he look like his father? copy

An excellent actor, a decent person, who does not have to pretend to be anyone, because he knows what he represents, unlike superficial, frustrated, empty people

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